From the future of work to the nature of our closest relationships, how do we understand the links between our personal troubles and wider public issues in society today?

Now into its fourth edition, Public Sociology continues to highlight the relevance of a grounded sociological perspective to Australian social life, as well as encouraging students to apply a sociological gaze to their own lives and the communities in which they live.

Public Sociology presents a wide range of topics in a user-friendly and accessible way, introducing key theories and research methods, and exploring core themes, including youth, families and intimate relationships, class and inequality and race and ethnic relations. All chapters have been extensively revised to bring them up to date in a fast-changing social world, reflecting the latest sociological debates in response to changing lifestyles and evolving political landscapes. In addition to updated statistics and research findings, an expanded glossary and the latest citations to the scholarly literature, the text features a completely new chapter on gender and sexualities with expanded discussion of LGBTIQ+. This new edition also explores contemporary issues ranging from the #MeToo movement to marriage equality, fake news and 'alt facts'.

This is the essential sociological reference to help students make sense of a complex and challenging world.


* A new chapter on gender and sexualities and expanded discussion of intersectionality
* Exploration of the latest social issues including #MeToo, rising inequality, and the 'post-truth' age
* All chapters thoroughly revised and updated with the latest research
* Updated book website with extra readings, YouTube clips, and case studies
* A new feature, Visual Sociology, helps the reader analyse the power of visual messaging

'With a firm base in the richest traditions of the discipline and with a remarkably approachable format, this book offers an excellent introduction to a wide array of sociology's concerns, making it suitable for all Australian social science undergraduates.'
Gary Wickham, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Murdoch University

'A sophisticated yet accessible introduction to social identities, differences and inequalities, and social transformations.'
Jo Lindsay, Professor in Sociology, Monash University

'Sweeping and lucid...communicates with ease and simplicity.'
Toni Makkai, Emeritus Professor, College of Arts and Social Sciences, Australian National University

part Module 1|96 pages

Doing Public Sociology

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

The sociological gaze: Linking private lives to public issues

ByJohn Germov, Marilyn Poole

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

Sociological foundations: Early theorists and theories

ByMarilyn Poole, John Germov

chapter Chapter 3|32 pages

Contemporary sociological theorists and theories

ByMarilyn Poole, John Germov

chapter Chapter 4|24 pages

Sociological investigations: Doing social research

ByTara Renae McGee

part Module 2|140 pages

Social Identities

chapter Chapter 5|28 pages

How we become who and what we are: Socialisation and the new genetics

ByMarilyn Poole

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Youth transitions and youth culture

ByPam Nilan

chapter Chapter 7|33 pages

Families and intimate relationships

ByMarilyn Poole

chapter Chapter 8|19 pages

Consumption and lifestyles

ByIan Woodward

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Sporting life

ByPeter Mewett

chapter Chapter 10|26 pages

A sociology of licit and illicit drugs

ByMaria Freij, John Germov

part Module 3|133 pages

Social Differences and Inequalities

chapter Chapter 11|27 pages

Class and inequality in Australia

ByMark Western, Janeen Baxter, John Germov

chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

Gender and sexualities

ByJulia Coffey, Akane Kanai

chapter Chapter 13|25 pages

Ethnicity and belonging

ByZlatko Skrbiš, Jonathan Smith

chapter Chapter 14|20 pages

Race and reconciliation in Australia

ByMeredith Green, Sherry Saggers

chapter Chapter 15|17 pages

Religion and spirituality in contemporary Australia

ByAndrew Singleton

chapter Chapter 16|25 pages

Deviance, crime, and social control

BySharyn Roach Anleu

part Module 4|167 pages

Social Transformations

chapter Chapter 17|21 pages

The social determinants of health and illness

ByMarilyn Poole, John Germov

chapter Chapter 18|27 pages

Globalisation, power, and social movements

ByJan Pakulski

chapter Chapter 19|29 pages

Global risk and the surveillance state: A sociology of new terrorism

ByMaria Freij, John Germov

chapter Chapter 20|26 pages

Working 24/7: The new work ethic

ByJohn Germov

chapter Chapter 21|18 pages

Digital sociology

ByDeborah Lupton

chapter Chapter 22|18 pages

Media and popular culture

ByTimothy Marjoribanks

chapter Chapter 23|27 pages

Educating society: Sociological debates and dilemmas

ByJulie McLeod, Samantha Mannix

part Module 5|32 pages

Future Directions

chapter Chapter 24|13 pages

A sociological toolkit

ByJohn Germov

chapter Chapter 25|14 pages

Writing a sociology essay

ByJohn Germov

chapter Chapter 26|4 pages

Threshold learning outcomes for sociology

ByJohn Germov