This book brings together multidisciplinary perspectives to explore how political values and acts of resistance impact the delivery of social justice in post-colonial states.

Everyday life in post-colonial states, such as South Africa and Zimbabwe, is characterized by injustices that have both a historical and contemporary nature. From fishers in Cape Town accused of poaching, to residents of Bulawayo demanding access to water, this book focuses on the relationship between the state and groups that have been historically oppressed due to being on the margins of the political, economic and social system. It draws on empirical research from 12 scholars looking at cases in Brazil, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Chapters explore questions such as what citizens, especially those from marginalized groups, want from the state. The book looks at the political values of citizens and how these are formed in the process of engaging with the state and through everyday injustices. It also asks why and how citizens resist the state, with examples of protest, as well as less visible forms of resistance reflecting complex histories and power relations. Finally, the book explores how narratives and counter-narratives reveal the nature of political values and perceptions of what is just. Taken together these elements show the evolution of post-colonial social contracts.

Examining important themes in political science, anthropology, sociology and urban geography, this book will appeal to scholars and students interested in political values, justice, social movements and resistance.

chapter |24 pages


Seeking social justice in the post-colonial state

chapter 1|15 pages

Surfacing political values

Narratives of justice in Cape Town, South Africa

chapter 2|15 pages

Silent citizens and resistant texts

Reading hidden narratives

chapter 4|18 pages

Fractured social contracts

The moral economy of protest and poaching in Cape Town, South Africa

chapter 5|14 pages

Spectators of protest

Concerns from an online neighbourhood facebook group

chapter 6|19 pages

‘This is our water!’

The politics of locality and the commons in the city of Bulawayo

chapter 8|17 pages

Claiming agency by telling a counter-story in court

Adivasis v. ‘encounter’ killings in India

chapter 9|13 pages

Including the excluded

Interests and values in the Brazilian public health care system 1

chapter 10|19 pages

Negotiating foreign policy from below

Voice, participation and protest