School Leadership for Democratic Education in South Africa explores the democratization and modernization of education in South Africa, analyzing the state of school leadership in South African schools from the time of the new democratic education dispensation in 1994 to the present day.

The book maps out what the future of education in South Africa could look like and explores the most conducive educational environments for change in South African schools. It adopts a critical approach to analyzing leadership and management in the context of school governance, school effectiveness, teacher development, multiculturalism and equity in education. Contributions explore the democratization and modernization of education in South Africa through examining different perspectives, achievements and challenges, and also consider issues around access to technology, language policy and the curriculum along with new literature on selected aspects of leadership.

This book will be of great interest for researchers, scholars, and students in the fields of educational leadership, sociology of education, and teacher education.

chapter |3 pages


ByTsediso Michael Makoelle, Thabo Makhalemele, Pierre du Plessis

chapter 1|11 pages

Conceptualizing leadership and school leadership in a democratic South Africa

An evolving leadership perspective
ByTsediso Michael Makoelle

chapter 2|22 pages

School leadership and governance in South Africa

A literature review
ByMgadla Isaac Xaba

chapter 3|33 pages

School effectiveness and improvement in the South African school context

ByRaj Mestry, Tsediso Michael Makoelle

chapter 5|12 pages

School leadership within a unionized school environment

A structural-Marxist analysis perspective
ByThulani Zengele

chapter 6|14 pages

School leadership and teacher leadership

The role of distributed leadership toward teacher leaders
ByTsediso Michael Makoelle

chapter 9|23 pages

Managing inclusive schools in South African schools

A transformational leadership perspective
ByThabo Makhalemele, Lloyd D.N. Tlale

chapter 10|23 pages

Leading schools as centers of technological practice

ByParvathy Naidoo, Kharoon Nisha Rasool

chapter 11|21 pages

Legal framework for the status of school leaders in South Africa

ByPierre du Plessis

chapter 12|15 pages

School leadership and learner discipline

ByPierre du Plessis

chapter 13|16 pages

School leadership and financial management

ByRaj Mestry

chapter 14|19 pages

School leadership and gender

BySiphokazi Kwatubana

chapter |3 pages


ByTsediso Michael Makoelle, Thabo Makhalemele, Pierre du Plessis