The Routledge Companion to the American Landscape provides a comprehensive overview of the American landscape in a way fit for the twenty-first century, not only in its topical and regional scope but also in its methodological and disciplinary diversity.

Critically surveying the contemporary scholarship on the American landscape, this companion brings together scholars from the social sciences and humanities who focus their work on understanding the polyphonic evolution of the United States’ landscape. It simultaneously assesses the development of the U.S. landscape as well as the scholarly thought that has driven innovation and continued research about that landscape. Four broad sections focus on key areas of scholarship: environmental landscapes, social, cultural, and popular identities in the landscape, political landscapes, and urban/economic landscapes. A special essay, "American Landscapes Under Siege" and accompanying short case studies call attention to the legacies and realities of race in the American landscape, bridging the discussion of social and political landscapes.

An invaluable and up-to-date guide for scholars and graduate students to current thinking across the range of disciplines which converge in the study of place, including Geography, Cultural Studies, History as well as the interdisciplinary fields of American Studies, Environmental Studies, and Planning.

Foreword: Reading the Landscape  Introduction: Twenty-first Century American Landscapes  Part I: Environmental Landscapes  Introduction: The American Environment  1 Changes Across Rural America: Agricultural Landscapes  2 Fluid Landscapes  3 Energy Landscapes  4 Wastescapes  5 Public Landscapes  6 American Landscapes of Environmental Injustice  Part II: Social, Cultural, and Popular Identities in the American Landscape Introduction  7 "This is Not the America I Know": Reading the White Unseen within the American Landscape  8 Gender, Sexuality, and Landscape  9 Ethnicity and Transnationalism  10 Reading the Landscapes of a New Religious America  11 The American Cinematic Landscape Inscribed @Work  12 Music and the American Landscape: Rhythms of Continuity and Change  13 Sports and the American Landscape  14 From Post-Scarcity Utopia to Zombie-Infested Hellscape: Continuity and Change in the Landscape of a Future North America Special Essay: Bridging Social and Political Landscapes American Landscapes Under Siege  Part III: Political Landscapes Introduction: US Political Landscapes  15 American Imperialism  16 Iconographic Landscapes of Borders and Immigration Controls  17 (De)constructing the Grid: The Public Land Survey System and the Production of Abstract Space in the Early Republic  18 Landscape and Politics: The 2020 Presidential Election in the United States  19 America’s Contemporary Commemorative Landscapes: Themes and Practices in Memorial Mania  20 Place Re-Naming  21 The Landscape of Incarceration in the United States  Part IV: Urban/Economic Landscapes Introduction: Urban and Economic Landscapes in the US  22 Urban Sustainability  23 The Ordinary-Extraordinary Landscape of the Automobile  24 Tourism in the American Landscape  25 The Changing Rural Landscape  26 Rooted in Place—Retail on the American Landscape  27 Post-Industrial Landscapes  28 Labor and the Changing Economic Landscape of the United States  Afterword