This volume documents the experiences of international students and recent international initiatives at US community colleges to better understand how to support and nurture students’ potential. Offering a range of case studies, empirical and conceptual chapters, the collection showcases the unique curricula and diverse opportunities for career development that colleges can offer international students.

International Students at US Community Colleges addresses issues of student access, enrolment barriers, college choice, and challenges relating to integration in academic and professional networks. Ultimately, the book unpacks institutional factors which inhibit or promote the success of international students at US community colleges to inform faculty, student affairs, administration, and institutional policy. With international students’ declining enrollment, this book considers the measures being taken by community college officials to bring continued access and equity to international students.

Offering insights from a range of international scholars as well as on-the-ground case studies, this text will benefit researchers, academics, and educators with an interest in multicultural education, international and comparative education, and higher education management. Those specifically interested in educational policy and the sociology of education will also benefit from this book.

part I|86 pages

Reimagining International Student Mobility in Community Colleges

chapter 21|12 pages

Reimagining the Field

International Students in American Community Colleges

chapter 2|22 pages

Community College International Student Research

A Critical Time Series Analysis

chapter 3|18 pages

Characteristics and Patterns of International Students at Community Colleges

Lessons from the Open Doors Data

chapter 4|16 pages

International Students at Canadian Community Colleges

Origins, Evolution, and Current Trends

part II|66 pages

Understanding Support System and Challenges of International Students at Community Colleges

part III|87 pages

Promoting Diversity and International Education at Community Colleges

chapter 11|14 pages

From Oppression to Global Social Justice

Practitioners' Responsibility to International Students in the US Community College

chapter 12|16 pages

International Education and the Global Pandemic in the Community College

Reflections and Best Practices

chapter 14|13 pages

Global Begins from Local

International Students and International Programs at Historically Black Community Colleges and Tribal Community Colleges

chapter 15|12 pages


Voices and Perspectives on International Student Mobility: Where Are Community Colleges?