Public in Public History presents international research on the role of the public in public history: the ways people perceive, respond to and influence history-related institutions, events, services and products that deal with the past.

The book addresses theoretical reflections on the public, or multiple publics, and their role in public history, and empirical analyses of the publics’ active responses to and impact on existing forms of public history. Special attention is also paid to digital public history, which facilitates the double role of the public—as both recipient and creator of public history. With a multinational author team, the book is based on various national, but also international, experiences and academic traditions; each chapter goes beyond national cases to look transnationally. The narratives built around their cases deal with issues such as arranging a museum exhibition, managing a history-related website, analyzing readers’ comments or involving non-professional public as oral history researchers.

With sections focusing on research, commemorations, museums and the digital world, this is the perfect collection for anyone interested in what the public means in public history.

chapter 1|18 pages

Publics, Public Historians and Participatory Public History

ByDavid Dean

part I|70 pages

Museums and Their Publics

chapter 2|19 pages

Warsaw Rising Museum—On, with and for a Participatory Public

ByPaweł Ukielski

chapter 3|17 pages

For the Public, by the Public, on the Public

The Triple Role of the Public in School Museums of History in Russia
ByOlga Konkka

chapter 4|14 pages

Students as the Museums' Public

ByMarta Kopiniak

chapter 5|18 pages

On Fire, under Fire

Public Reactions to the Destruction of the Brazilian National Museum
ByRicardo Santhiago

part II|70 pages

Publics in Commemorations

chapter 6|17 pages

The Persistence of the Vanishing Indian in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley

The Passaconaway Monument
ByLinda S. Thomas

chapter 7|18 pages

Return to 1918

The Serbian American Public and First World War Memory at the Centenary
ByAlexandra Zaremba

chapter 8|16 pages

The Role of the Public in Shaping New Collective Memory(ies)

The Irish Public and Their Representation of History during and after the Irish Civil War of 1922–1923
ByCaitlin White

part III|70 pages

Digital Publics

chapter 10|19 pages

Researching the Public(s) through Internet Readers' Comments

Case Study of the Cursed Soldiers in Northeastern Poland 1
ByDorota Choińska

chapter 11|19 pages

Video-Gamers as Recipients and Creators of Public History

Let's Play Videos as Public History
ByJakub Šindelář

chapter 12|15 pages

The Users of Tripadvisor as the Public(s) of Public History

Case Study of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
ByAgata Moskwa

chapter 13|15 pages

The Public of a Public History Website—Notes from the Field

ByTihana Kušter

part IV|34 pages

Publics in Public History Research

chapter 15|16 pages

Public between the State and Academia

Cultural and Political Essentialism of Public History in Russia
ByAlexander Khodnev

part V|8 pages


chapter 16|6 pages

The Public(s) in Public History—Conclusions

ByJoanna Wojdon, Dorota Wiśniewska