Partnering and Collaborative Working: Legal and Industry Practice brings together leading construction industry and legal experts to discuss key elements of the partnering process and how they can be implemented.

chapter Chapter 1|26 pages

The Story So Far

ByDon Ward, Alan Crane

chapter Chapter 2|24 pages

The Role of Technology

ByPaul Wilkinson

chapter Chapter 3|12 pages

The Future

ByAlan Crane, Richard Saxon

chapter Chapter 4|19 pages

Case Studies

ByDavid Jones, David Savage, Rona Westgate

chapter Chapter 5|16 pages

The Role of Lawyers

ByDavid Jones, Alan Crane

chapter Chapter 6|33 pages

Procurement and Competition Issues

ByRichard Cooke, Brona Heenan, Corin Ramsden

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Contracting for Good Faith

ByMarina Milner

chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

Time, Cost and Quality

ByJonathan Hosie, Diana Harvey, Tara Corcoran

chapter Chapter 9|23 pages

Intellectual Property Rights

ByMike Butler

chapter Chapter 10|22 pages

Insurance in a Changing Industry

ByKatie Graham

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Resolution of Disputes

ByLinda Grayson, Diana Harvey