This addition to the Maritime and Transport Law Library looks at voyage charterparty contracts and addresses complex legal and practical issues arising out of them and their relationship with bills of lading and international sale contracts. It offers insightful discussion on other distinctive features of voyage charterparties, such as deviation, laytime and demurrage, seaworthiness and cancellation clauses, and on the recent case law developments in jurisdiction and arbitration clauses in voyage charterparty contracts.

chapter Chapter 1|33 pages

The evolving flexibility of voyage charterparties

ByD. Rhidian Thomas

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Jurisdiction and arbitration clauses

BySteven Gee

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Legal aspects of the approach voyage

ByRichard Lord

chapter Chapter 4|19 pages

The loading obligations of voyage charterers

ByTheodora Nikaki

chapter Chapter 6|39 pages

Dangerous cargo and “legally dangerous” cargo

ByRobert Gay

chapter Chapter 7|23 pages

Arrival, readiness and the commencement of laytime

BySimon Rainey

chapter Chapter 10|16 pages

Bills of lading and voyage charters

ByFrancis Reynolds

chapter Chapter 11|34 pages

Charterparty bills of lading – cargo interests’ liabilities to the shipowner

BySimon Baughen

chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

The impact of deviation on contracts of affreightment

ByRichard Williams

chapter Chapter 15|10 pages

Cancellation clauses and repudiatory breach

ByMichael Furmston

chapter Chapter 16|18 pages

Frustration in voyage charters – silted-up backwater or vital navigational resource?

ByAndrew Tettenborn