Perspectives on a Young Woman's Suicide is a unique and updated analysis of a diary left behind by "Katie," a young woman who took her own life.

By drawing on clinicians, researchers, survivors of suicide loss, and those closest to Katie, this book delves into common beliefs about why people die by suicide and into the internal worlds of those who do, as well as ethical and moral questions surrounding those deaths. Several contributors discuss Katie’s suicide from the perspective of recent theories of suicide, including Joiner’s interpersonal theory and Klonsky’s three-step theory. Two contributors who have lost a child to suicide look at Katie’s diary from their perspective, one of whom discusses whether it is truly possible to prevent suicide. Finally, Katie’s sister reveals her reactions to this project and her ex-boyfriend shares his account of her death.

This book is a vital addition to the library of any researcher, academic, or professional interested in suicide and suicide prevention.

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 2|3 pages

Who Is Katie?

chapter 3|23 pages

Katie's Diary

The First Month

part |117 pages


chapter 4|8 pages

The Complexity of Suicide

Exploring Katie's Diary Through a Bioecological Lens

chapter 8|20 pages

Katie's Implicit Life Plan for the End of Summer

How Implicit Prospection May Influence the Course of Events

chapter 9|16 pages

What Is the Meaning, Katie?

Katie's Diaries Read Through a Meaning-Making Lens

chapter 10|15 pages

A Safe Place for Katie

A Gestalt Therapy Perspective on Her Suicidal Experience

chapter 11|17 pages

Writing to Remain

Two Diaries From Young Women Who Wrote to Survive

part |23 pages


chapter 13|8 pages

From the Ashes of Suicide

A Life Repurposed

chapter 14|6 pages

What Happened During Katie's Last Few Days

Mark's Account 1