The Handbook of Rural Aging goes beyond the perspective of a narrow range of health professions, disciplines, and community services that serve older adults in rural America to encompass the full range of perspectives and issues impacting the communities in which rural older adults live. Touching on such topics as work and voluntarism, technology, transportation, housing, the environment, social participation, and the delivery of health and community services, this reference work addresses the full breadth and scope of factors impacting the lives of rural elders with contributions from recognized scholars, administrators, and researchers. This Handbook buttresses a widespread movement to garner more attention for rural America in policy matters and decisions, while also elevating awareness of the critical circumstances facing rural elders and those who serve them.
Merging demographic, economic, social, cultural, health, environmental, and political perspectives, it will be an essential reference source for library professionals, researchers, educators, students, program and community administrators, and practitioners with a combined interest in rural issues and aging.

chapter |7 pages


ByLenard W. Kaye

chapter 1|6 pages

Adult Day Services

ByWilliam A. Zagorski

chapter 2|5 pages

Advocacy and Activism

ByJessica L. Maurer

chapter 3|10 pages

Age-Friendly Communities

ByPatricia A. Huffman-Oh

chapter 4|6 pages


ByMindy O. Renfro

chapter 5|6 pages

American Indians and Alaska Natives

ByR. Turner Goins, Collette Adamsen

chapter 6|6 pages

Area Agencies on Aging

BySandy Markwood

chapter 7|4 pages

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

ByFengyan Tang, Ke Li

chapter 8|6 pages


ByAngeline Bushy

chapter 9|6 pages

Broadband Service

BySharon Strover

chapter 10|5 pages


ByLenard W. Kaye

chapter 11|9 pages

Chronic Disease

ByShinduk Lee, Matthew Lee Smith

chapter 12|4 pages

Community Development

ByCornelia Butler Flora

chapter 13|4 pages


ByE. Helen Berry

chapter 14|5 pages


ByClifford M. Singer

chapter 15|5 pages

Dementia Friendly Communities

ByMeredith Hanley

chapter 16|5 pages

Dental and Oral Health

ByR. Constance Wiener, Patricia A. Findley, Chan Shen

chapter 17|6 pages

Direct Care Workers

ByRobert Espinoza

chapter 18|5 pages


ByStephen Gilson, Elizabeth DePoy

chapter 19|5 pages


ByKim Mosby, Traci Birch, Aimee Moles, Katie E. Cherry

chapter 20|4 pages

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

BySarabeth Biermann, Carl Leukefeld

chapter 21|5 pages

Dying, Death, and Bereavement

ByGeorge E. Dickinson

chapter 22|6 pages

Elder Abuse

ByLaura Mosqueda, Julie Schoen

chapter 23|6 pages

Legal Services

ByKathy Greenlee, Rebecca C. Morgan

chapter 24|5 pages

Entitlements and Benefits

ByBrandy Bauer, Leslie Fried, Ann Kayrish, Genevieve Waterman

chapter 25|7 pages

Evidence-Based Programs

ByMatthew Lee Smith, Shinduk Lee, Samuel D. Towne, Andrew C. Pickett, Scott A. Horel, Kristie P. Kulinski

chapter 26|7 pages

Falls and Injuries

ByMindy Renfro

chapter 27|4 pages

Family Life

ByErik Blanco, Roseann Giarrusso

chapter 28|5 pages

Farmers *

ByCarl Zulauf

chapter 29|5 pages

Federal Policy

ByRobert Blancato, Meredith Whitmire

chapter 30|6 pages

Food Insecurity

ByMary Ellen Camire

chapter 31|4 pages

Geographies and Environments

ByJessica M. Finlay

chapter 32|5 pages

Geriatric Care Managers

ByCathy J. Cress

chapter 33|6 pages

Geriatrics and Gerontology Education and Training

ByJudith L. Howe

chapter 34|5 pages

Health Disparities

BySteven A. Cohen, Mary L. Greaney

chapter 35|5 pages

Health Insurance

ByErika Ziller, Yvonne Jonk

chapter 36|6 pages

Health Promotion and Wellness

ByKelley A. Strout

chapter 37|5 pages

Higher Education Institutions

ByMelissa L. Cannon

chapter 38|5 pages

Home Health Care

BySandy Nesin

chapter 39|7 pages


ByJoy Moses

chapter 40|6 pages


ByRobyn I. Stone

chapter 41|4 pages


ByLinda Silka

chapter 42|7 pages

Information Sources

ByKathleen Spencer, Maren Niemeier, Kristine Sande

chapter 43|6 pages

Intergenerational Programs

ByLyn Holley

chapter 44|5 pages


ByJames Lubben, Mercedes E. Bern-Klug

chapter 45|5 pages

Kinship Care

BySandra J. Bailey

chapter 46|6 pages


ByRogelio Sáenz

chapter 47|3 pages


ByLinda Silka

chapter 48|5 pages

LGBTQ Older Adults

BySandra S. Butler

chapter 49|4 pages

Long-Term Care

ByCarrie Henning-Smith

chapter 50|4 pages

Meals Programs

ByL. Carter Florence

chapter 51|5 pages

Rural Masculinities

ByEdward H. Thompson

chapter 52|5 pages

Mental and Behavioral Health

ByJennifer A. Crittenden

chapter 53|5 pages

Mental Health Services

ByJean A. Talbot

chapter 54|4 pages


ByCassandra D. Ford, Martha R. Crowther, Keri A. Barron, Mary Ann Kelley, Jenna Bennett

chapter 55|5 pages

National Rural Health Association

ByAlan Morgan

chapter 56|6 pages

Nursing Services

ByBarbara Ann Graves, Teresa D. Welch, Foster D. Jones

chapter 57|5 pages


BySeung Eun Jung, Janice Hermann

chapter 58|5 pages


ByJohn N. Feather

chapter 59|6 pages

Physical Activity

ByErica Robertson, Marilyn R. Gugliucci

chapter 60|5 pages


ByRonald Hustedde

chapter 61|6 pages


ByTracey Farrigan

chapter 62|5 pages

Professional Organizations and Associations

ByDavid C. Wihry

chapter 63|6 pages

Religion and Spirituality

ByKristine A. Bundschuh, Michele Dillon

chapter 64|6 pages

Research Engagement

ByJennifer A. Crittenden, Carli W. Hutchison

chapter 65|5 pages


ByHelen Dennis

chapter 66|4 pages

Rural Health Clinics

ByMichelle Mills

chapter 67|4 pages

Rural Service Network

ByMandana R. Weirich, Kristina M. Hash

chapter 68|5 pages

Senior Centers

ByJohn A. Krout

chapter 69|5 pages

Social Determinants of Health

ByCarrie Henning-Smith

chapter 70|5 pages

Social Work

ByColleen M. Galambos

chapter 71|7 pages

Strategic Planning

BySally Thomas Buck, Debra A. Laine

chapter 72|6 pages


ByDanielle M. Louder

chapter 73|5 pages


ByMei Wa Kwong

chapter 74|5 pages


ByLeah Kravette

chapter 75|6 pages


ByRobin Phillips, Cara Marcus

chapter 76|5 pages


ByAngeline Bushy

chapter 77|5 pages


ByKe Li, Fengyan Tang

chapter 78|5 pages

Older Women

ByJennifer A. Crittenden, Brittney R. Beaulieu

chapter 79|6 pages


ByJohn Dorrer