This book introduces the new term ‘creativities’ with cutting-edge examples of creativities research that has influenced the thinking and work of teachers and school leaders in their practice. Co-edited by one of the leading international experts in creativity and the arts, this book is packed with imaginative ideas and practical classroom suggestions underpinned by theory and research to help teachers become research-informed and research-generating.

Sculpting New Creativities in Primary Education will inspire us, invite us to think, and share ways in which research is informing and enabling a role for new and creative practices in primary education. Each chapter is collaboratively written by an academic and a practicing teacher covering areas such as: creative spaces, intercultural and interdisciplinary creativity, art, wellbeing, mathematics, STEM and leadership creativities. It importantly highlights the need to inspire, shape and unfold change-making practices that (re-)invigorate, (re-)empower, and (re-)position primary education practice.

Drawing from projects originally conducted both in the UK and beyond, this revolutionary book invites teachers, teaching assistants and school leaders to co-create ways to unlock research together as mutually informative ways of authoring change.

part Part 1|87 pages

Sculpting primary school change

chapter Chapter 1|23 pages

Creativities of change in primary education

ByPamela Burnard, Michelle Loughrey

chapter Chapter 2|19 pages

Using school corridors to support learning: spatial creativity driving primary education

ByThomas Bellfield, Emma Dyer, Karolina Szynalska McAleavey, Ben Erskine

chapter Chapter 3|17 pages

Storying the journey to new spaces of intercultural creative learning

ByJames Biddulph, Pamela Burnard

chapter Chapter 5|12 pages

Posthumanist creative ecologies in primary education

ByAnne Harris

part Part 2|73 pages

Sculpting primary curriculum change

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Innovating change through creativities curricula

ByMichelle Loughrey, Richard Gerver

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

The creative pedagogue: enacting affective pathways for interdisciplinary embodied creativity in primary education

ByAnna Hickey-Moody, Peter J. Cook, Nathan Portelli

chapter Chapter 8|23 pages

Activating creativities by emphasising health and wellbeing: a holistic pedagogical practice from Finland

ByKristóf Fenyvesi, Christopher S. Brownell, Jukka Sinnemäki, Zsolt Lavicza

chapter Chapter 9|16 pages

Cultivating primary creativities in STEAM gardens

ByDonald Gray, Laura Colucci-Gray, Louise Robertson

part Part 3|61 pages

Sculpting ‘change’ differently in primary education

chapter Chapter 10|17 pages

Unlocking creative leadership in the primary school

ByMegan Crawford, Deborah Outhwaite, Matthew Crawford

chapter Chapter 11|21 pages

Learning at a snail's pace: what if and what else is happening in a South African primary classroom?

ByKarin Murris, Joanne Peers, Nadia Woodward

chapter |3 pages

Afterword: sculpting new creativities in primary education

ByAlison Peacock