This book is an upper-level student source book for contemporary approaches to media studies in Asia, which will appeal across a wide range of social sciences and humanities subjects including media and communication studies, Asian studies, cultural studies, sociology and anthropology. Drawing on a wide range of perspectives from media and communications, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology and Asian studies, it provides an empirically rich and stimulating tour of key areas of study. The book combines theoretical perspectives with grounded case studies in one up-to-date and accessible volume, going beyond the standard Euro-American view of the evolving and complex dynamics of the media today.

chapter |38 pages


Media in Asia: Global, Digital, Gendered, Mobile Asia
ByYouna Kim

part I|84 pages

Global Asia

chapter 1|12 pages

Netflix, the Digital West in Asia

New Models, Challenges and Collaborations
ByAnthony Fung, Georgia Chik

chapter 2|13 pages

The Shifting Terrain of Asia's Television Landscape

ByKalyani Chadha, Anandam Kavoori

chapter 3|14 pages


The Rise of Individualized Entertainment in India
ByShanti Kumar

chapter 4|13 pages

Media Capital and Digital Media Cities in Asia

ByXin Gu

chapter 5|14 pages

Soft Power and Cultural Nationalism

Globalization of the Korean Wave
ByYouna Kim

chapter 6|16 pages

Border Crossing and the Question of Transgressive Openness

ByKoichi Iwabuchi

part II|86 pages

Digital Asia

chapter 7|14 pages

Transnational Popular Culture and Imagination in the Digital Age

ByFabienne Darling-Wolf

chapter 8|13 pages

Asian Celebrity Capital in Digital Media Networks

Scandal, Body Politics and Nationalism
ByDorothy Wai Sim Lau

chapter 9|14 pages

Digital Activism and Public Protest in India

Contextualizing Technologies and Cyber-Mobilization
ByRamaswami Harindranath

chapter 11|14 pages

From Digital Literacy to Digital Citizenship

Policies, Assessment Frameworks and Programs for Young People in the Asia Pacific
ByAudrey Yue

chapter 12|14 pages

Food and Digital Lifestyles in Asia

From MasterChef to Mukbang
ByTania Lewis, Haiqing Yu

part III|82 pages

Gendered Asia

chapter 13|15 pages

Choosing the Right Love

Online Dating Platforms and Gender Inequality in Southeast Asia
ByJoanne Lim

chapter 14|13 pages

“Queer” Media in Inter-Asia

Thinking Gender and Sexuality Transnationally
ByMichelle H. S. Ho

chapter 15|14 pages

Crippled Warriors

Masculinities and Martial Arts Media in Asia
ByLuke White

chapter 16|13 pages

Feminist Loitering in the City

Transmedia Practice and Imagination
ByNadja-Christina Schneider

chapter 17|13 pages

Domestic Workers and Immobile Mobility via WeChat

Performative Motherhood and Modernity in Beijing
ByCara Wallis

chapter 18|12 pages

Necropolitical Gender Politics

Parasite's Figuring of Women's Sacrificial Disposability
ByKent A. Ono

part IV|84 pages

Mobile Asia

chapter 19|11 pages

Bipolar America

Anti-Asian versus Hollywood's Minari
BySheng-mei Ma

chapter 20|14 pages

Capital on the Move

Quantico, Im/Mobile Laboring Bodies and the Hypermediation of Racial Difference
ByPurnima Mankekar

chapter 21|15 pages

Digital Media and Diasporic Nationalism

Japanese Migrant Women in London
ByYuiko Fujita, Kaoru Takahashi

chapter 23|13 pages

Reconstituting Sexuality and Home in a Platform Age

Asian Australian and Asian New Zealand LGBTQ Web Series
ByOlivia Khoo

chapter 24|14 pages

Citizenship, Nationalism and the Politics of Multiculturalism

Digital Networks of Indian Diasporas in Germany
ByJayana Jain