This book offers new insights into the current, highly complex border transitions taking place at the EU internal and external border areas, as well as globally. It focuses on new frontiers and intersections between borders, borderlands and resilience, developing new understandings of resilience through the prism of borders. The book provides new perspectives into how different groups of people and communities experience, adapt and resist the transitions and uncertainties of border closures and securitization in their everyday and professional lives. The book also provides new methodological guidelines for the study of borders and multi-sited bordering and resilience processes.

The book bridges border studies and social scientific resilience research in new and innovative. It will be of interest to students and scholars in geography, political studies, international relations, security studies and anthropology.

chapter 1|18 pages


Embedding borderlands resilience
ByDorte Jagetic Andersen, Eeva-Kaisa Prokkola

part 1|52 pages

Borders and resilience in "exceptional circumstances"

chapter 2|16 pages

Border security interventions and borderland resilience

ByEeva-Kaisa Prokkola

chapter 3|17 pages

Cross-border resilience in higher education

Brexit and its impact on Irish-Northern Irish university cross-border cooperation
ByKatharina Koch

part 2|48 pages

Tracing space

chapter 5|17 pages

Resilience at Hungary's borders

Between everyday adaptations and political resistance
BySara Svensson, Péter Balogh

chapter 7|13 pages

"Stateless" yet resilient

Refusal, disruption and movement along the border of Bangladesh and India
ByMd Azmeary Ferdoush

part 3|74 pages

Making time

chapter 8|16 pages


From a land-in-between to a national borderland
BySteen Bo Frandsen

chapter 9|15 pages

Borderlands, minority language revitalization and resilience thinking

ByJuha Ridanpää

chapter 10|14 pages

A resilient Bel Paese? Investigating an Italian diasporic translocality between France and Luxembourg

ByChristian Lamour, Paul Blanchemanche

chapter 11|16 pages

Line-practice as resilience strategy

The Istrian experience
ByDorte Jagetic Andersen

chapter 12|11 pages


Borderland resilience: thriving in adversity?
ByJussi P. Laine