This book offers provocations for what’s now and what’s next in educational leadership, simultaneously bringing the field both back to its basics—of equity, democracy, humanity, and education for all—and forward to productive, innovative, and necessary possibilities. Written during the pandemic reality of 2020, this collection shares the global voices and expertise of prominent and emerging leaders, scholars, and practitioners in education from the UK, the United States, South America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The authors engage with the complexities and uncertainties of leading in education. They examine research, reflections, and real stories from which school leaders, education system leaders, policymakers, and researchers in the field of educational leadership, can learn, and in which they will find honesty, authority, and inspiration to guide the future of the field.

The new perspectives and hopeful alternatives presented in this outstanding book are essential to researchers, school leaders, and policymakers, and are key to advancing education into positive and democratic futures.

chapter |10 pages


What's now and what's next in educational leadership
ByDeborah M. Netolicky

part 1|65 pages

Knowledge and theory of educational leadership

chapter 1|14 pages

Back to the future

Recuperating educational administration?
ByPat Thomson

chapter 2|11 pages

Leading forward by salvaging for the future

ByChristine Grice

chapter 3|16 pages


Navigating complexity for sustainable school leadership
ByDeborah M. Netolicky, Claire Golledge

chapter 4|9 pages

Leading in context

Lessons from Nuance
ByMichael Fullan

chapter 5|13 pages

Distributed leadership and networking

Exploring the evidence base
ByCecilia Azorín, Alma Harris, Michelle Jones

part 2|64 pages

Diversity and inclusion in educational leadership

chapter 6|14 pages

Multilevel distributed leadership

From why to how
ByAsmaa Alfadala, Richard Paquin Morel, James P. Spillane

chapter 7|18 pages

‘Deadly leadership’ in the pursuit of Indigenous education excellence

BySuraiya Hameed, Marnee Shay, Jodie Miller

chapter 8|15 pages

Leadership, identity, and intersectionality

ByAndy Hargreaves, Dennis Shirley

chapter 9|9 pages

Women as leaders in education

What works and what must we improve?
ByVivienne Porritt

chapter 10|6 pages

A tale of two leaders

Reflecting on senior co-leadership in higher education
ByKaren Edge

part 3|78 pages

Systems and structures for educational leadership

chapter 11|19 pages

Leading large-scale educational change in the twenty-first century

Educational leadership pre-, during, and post-pandemic
ByCarol Campbell

chapter 12|13 pages

Educational administration's paradises lost

A flâneur/se stroll through the futures past
ByEugenie A. Samier

chapter 13|6 pages

Schools as ecosystems of leadership

Leading by all and for all
ByLiliana Mularczyk

chapter 14|13 pages

Leading to liberate learning

Educational change meets social movements
BySantiago Rincón-Gallardo

chapter 15|16 pages

What could education leadership look like outside the system?

ByAnnie Kidder, Eloise Tan, Christine Corso

chapter |9 pages


Educational leadership for all
ByDeborah M. Netolicky