First published in 1973, Philosophy and Personal Relations raises some fundamental questions like can philosophical argument modify, undermine or reinforce the terms of certain personal relationships? If so, how? This collection of studies, by a group of English-speaking philosophers focuses on these questions. The contributors discuss such topics as the teaching of moral philosophy, the notion of ‘using people’, the concept of love and the philosophical problems raised by honesty and dishonesty of personal relations.

This book will provide a varied pattern of philosophical investigations which will be of interest to all those who are concerned with the issues related to the subject of personal relations and analytic philosophy at large.

chapter 1|22 pages


ByAlan Montefiore

chapter 2|11 pages

Teaching moral philosophy

ByJean Austin

chapter 3|28 pages

Deceiving, hurting and using

ByLarry Blum

chapter 4|21 pages

How to treat persons as persons

ByJ. A. Brook

chapter 5|30 pages

Our concern with others

ByM. W. Hughes

chapter 6|24 pages

A conceptual investigation of love *

ByW. Newton-Smith

chapter 7|33 pages

Later selves and moral principles*

ByDerek Parfit

chapter 8|21 pages

Psychological explanations and interpersonal relations

ByMichael Schleifer

chapter 9|33 pages


ByDavid Wood