With more than 1000 newspapers, 1100 local radios, 200 television channels, 3000 online news portals, and over 80 colleges providing media education and training, news media, and media education are vibrant fields in Nepal. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Nepal’s news media, including empirical studies, critical reviews, and theoretical and philosophical analyses focusing on journalism and contemporary media practices in the country, using local standpoints and global perspectives. Laying foundations of academic research and discourse, it explores key issues about the state of media and journalism practices of Nepal and situates them against the professional standards of global journalism and journalism education. The book covers all news media, including traditional (newspaper, radio, and television) and digital platforms.

chapter 1|22 pages

Setting the Scene

Perspectives on Nepali News Media in the 21st Century

part I|68 pages

Professional Perspectives

chapter 242|19 pages

Media Accountability Mechanism

A Case of Press Council of Nepal

chapter 4|13 pages

Diasporic Nepali Online Journalism

A Study of Professionalism and Sustainability

part II|62 pages

Academic Perspectives

chapter 926|22 pages

Framing Diffusion

Nepalese Journalism Education in the 21st Century

chapter 8|13 pages

Impact of COVID-19 on Media and Journalism

A Case of Nepal

part III|74 pages

Sociopolitical Perspectives

part IV|89 pages

Technological Perspectives

chapter 22814|23 pages

Hope-Driven to Uncertainty-Driven Innovation

Digital Transitions of Newspapers in Nepal

chapter 15|17 pages

News Content Sharing on Social Media

A Comparative Study of Nepali and Norwegian Newspapers

chapter 16|21 pages

Sustainability of Online News Media in Nepal

Financial Models and Prospects

chapter 17|17 pages

Social Media

An Innovative Approach of Agricultural Extension Services in Nepal