The Future of the City Centre: Global Perspectives debates future directions. It looks beyond the post-industrial, post-commercial, and post-retail city centres to examine differing visions of the future form and function of the urban core. This theme and the related sub-topics will assist the development of future city models and help to contextualise urban change.

The in-depth research covers not only urban form and the re-use of the built heritage but also the provision for cultural events and different forms of entertainment that will offer vitality, together with visitors and responsible tourism. City authorities are starting to realise that structural changes are happening in city centres, as their influence is declining, and therefore new forms of governance will be needed. The book is based on an international research network hosting four symposia over 24 months. They took place in four cities in four different continents to encompass a world view of developed and developing countries. This book offers theoretical and practical perspectives from leading thinkers, academics, and practitioners, drawing on thematic issues explored across four international cities: Newcastle, UK; Newcastle, Australia; Pretoria-Tshwane, South Africa; and João Pessoa, Brazil. It draws on a wider set of global examples to reveal the shared issues and pressures being brought to bear on city centres and the diversity of responses being undertaken to ensure their long-term future.

The book includes illustrations from cities around the world, and it is directed at academics, students, and professionals in architecture, planning, urban design, the built environment, geography, economics, sociology, and cultural studies.

chapter |9 pages


part I|33 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

The City Centre

Its Future Role and Significance

chapter 2|17 pages

Managing City Centre Change

part II|71 pages

Profiles of the City Centres

part III|131 pages

Shaping the Future of the City Centre

chapter 7|15 pages

Image and Visions

chapter 8|16 pages

Public Realm

chapter 9|16 pages

Social Change

chapter 11|16 pages

Multi-level Governance

chapter 12|16 pages

Mobility, Movement, and Access

chapter 13|17 pages

Culture and Heritage

part IV|16 pages

Moving Forward