This timely and informative volume centres how global Black feminist narratives of care are important to our contemporary theorizing and highlights the transgressive potential of a critical transnational Black feminist pedagogical praxis.

This text not only details how such praxis can be revolutionary for the academy but also provides poignant examples of the student scholarship that can be produced when such pedagogy is applied. Drawing on narratives from Black women around the globe, the book features chapters on pedagogy, mentorship, art, migration, relationships, and how Black women make sense of navigating social and institutional barriers. Readers of the text will benefit from an interdisciplinary, global approach to Black feminisms that centres the narratives and experiences of these women. Readers will also gain knowledge about the historical and contemporary scholarship produced by Black women across the globe.

This book is an invaluable resource for scholars and researchers, including graduate students in Caribbean feminisms, Black feminisms, transnational feminism, sociology, political science, the performing arts, cultural studies, and Caribbean studies.

chapter |10 pages

Home-Grown and Grounded

Black Caribbean Feminist Pedagogies in Global Conversation

part Section I|63 pages

Black Feminisms: Sites of Black Feminist Existence

chapter 1|21 pages

Women's Studies after Wynter *

Teaching Gender and Development Studies in a Gender-Conscious Caribbean

chapter 2|21 pages

The Geography of Healing at the End of the World

Black Scholar Practitioners Who Evoke Toni Morrison's The Clearing

chapter 3|19 pages

Public Scholarship as B(l)ack Talk

African Feminist Collaborations in the Academy and Online

part Section II|64 pages

Black Women's Lived Experiences in Our Contemporary Societies

chapter 4|19 pages

Mothering in Neo-Liberal Contexts

Caribbean Women's Experiences

chapter 5|24 pages

Psychosocial Uncertainty

Making Sense of Institutional Suffering in Trinidad and Tobago

chapter 6|19 pages

Black Favela Feminism

The Struggle for Survival as a Transformative Praxis

part Section III|62 pages

Black Feminist Activism: A Worldmaking Praxis of Care

chapter 7|15 pages

Subversive Knowledges and Praxes of Black Immigrants in the United States

Reflections from a Scholar-Advocate

chapter 8|24 pages

The Women. They Were Plotting Too

Declaring Our Independence in the Spirit of Sankofa

chapter 9|21 pages

Critical Transnational Queer Praxis

Perspectives on (Re)Production, Performance, and Punishment in the Academy

part Section IV|47 pages

Black Feminisms and Healing Futures

chapter 10|23 pages

‘Tacit Sexualities’ Transforming the Narrative

Afro-Caribbean Women and the Politics of the Body

chapter 11|19 pages

University Plantation Il/logics

Black Women's Fugitivity and Futurity in the Wake of COVID-19 and the Global Anti-Racist Uprisings of 2020/21

chapter |3 pages