This volume investigates the role of the arts in character education. Bringing together insights from esteemed philosophers and educationalists, it looks to the arts for insight into human character and explores the arts’ relationship to human flourishing and the development of the virtues.

Focusing on the moral value of art and considering questions of whether there can be educational value in imaginative and non-narrative art, the nine chapters herein critically examine whether poetry, music, literature, films, television series, videogames, and even gardening may improve our understanding of human character, sharpen our moral judgement, inculcate or refine certain skills required for virtue, or perhaps cultivate certain virtues (or vices) themselves.

Bringing together research on aesthetics, ethics, moral and character education, this book will appeal to students, researchers and academics of philosophy, arts, and education as well as philosophers of education, morality, aesthetics, and teachers of the arts.

chapter 5|18 pages

Heroines and sexy victims

What we learn from female protagonists

chapter 6|25 pages

Virtue and vice on TV

Television series and ethical reflection

chapter 7|16 pages

Are you (relevantly) experienced?

A moral argument for video games

chapter 9|20 pages

Educating the heart

Why poetry matters

chapter |10 pages


Educating character in philosophical perspective