Panoramic and provocative in its scope, this handbook is the definitive guide to contemporary issues associated with male sex work and a must read for those who study masculinities, male sexuality, sexual health, and sexual cultures.

This groundbreaking volume will have a powerful impact on our understanding of this challenging, elusive subject. While the internet has brought the previously hidden worlds of male sex work more starkly into public view, academic research has often remained locked into descriptions of male sex workers and their clients as perverse. Drawing from a variety of regions, the chapters provide insights into the historical, popular cultural, social, and economic aspects of sex work, as well as demographic patterns, health outcomes, and policy issues. This approach shifts thought on male sex work from a hidden "social problem" to a publicly acknowledged "social phenomenon." The book challenges myths and reconceptualizes male sex work as a discrete field. Importantly, it provides a vehicle for the voices of male sex workers and new and established scholars. This richly detailed, humane, and innovative collection retrieves male sex work from silence and invisibility on the one hand and its association with scandal and stigma on the other. The findings within have profound implications for how governments approach public health and regulation of the sex industry and for how society can make sense of the complexities of human sexualities.

A compelling scholarly read and a major contribution to a commercial sector that is often neglected in policy debates on sex work, this handbook will be of great interest to scholars of criminology, sociology, gender studies, and cultural studies and all those interested in male sex work.

part I|141 pages

Male sex work in popular culture

chapter 1|9 pages

Reframing the Cleveland Street Scandal in England

Telegraph boys, the service economy, and compensated sex

chapter 2|26 pages

Youth male prostitution in post-Nazi Germany

Policing the Bahnhof boys

chapter 3|23 pages

“Kept men” in silent gay cinema

Between romanticism and didacticism

chapter 4|22 pages

Male prostitution and fashion

Dressed to thrill

chapter 5|18 pages

Male strippers in popular film

Representations disrobed

chapter 6|19 pages

Gigolos in popular cinema

Magic Mike, American Gigolo, and the queerness of heterosexuality

chapter 7|13 pages

Male sex work in documentary films

Rhetorical and ethical frameworks

chapter 8|9 pages

Male sex work in the porn industry *

Gendering risk and protection

part II|69 pages

Male sex work in literature

chapter 9|10 pages

Male sex workers in world literature

A sampling from historical times to the modern era

chapter 10|22 pages

Male sex work diaries

Archival discoveries from the journal entries of Thomas Painter and Sam Steward

chapter 11|15 pages

Male sex work in comics and graphic novels

Representations from an emerging genre

chapter 12|20 pages

Male sex work in the library collection

Discoveries in the stacks

part III|74 pages

Male sex work online

chapter 14|13 pages

Male sex work and digital regulation

Control and censorship in online spaces

chapter 15|16 pages

Male sex work and the law

Regulation of men selling sex within the context of female sex work

chapter 16|11 pages

Internet-based male sex work

Varying roles of stories, scripts, and spontaneity

chapter 17|15 pages

Male independent sex workers in the digital age

Online male escorting in the United Kingdom

part IV|40 pages

Male sex work in public and community health

chapter 19|17 pages

Male sex work and behavioral health

Structural risks, stigma, and psychosocial considerations

part V|36 pages

Male sex worker, escort, and client voices

chapter 20|10 pages

Male sex work and the female client

Accounts from a straight male escort

chapter 21|13 pages

Female clients of male sex workers

Managing stigma

chapter 22|11 pages

Trans men in sex work

Prevalent but overlooked

part VI|85 pages

Male sex work in the Americas

chapter 23|19 pages

Male sex work in North America

Frontiers of change in the United States and Canada

chapter 24|11 pages

Male transactional sex in the Dominican Republic

The politics of labor exclusion

chapter 25|11 pages

Brazilian male sex workers

In and out of termas

chapter 26|13 pages

Street hustling in Brazil

Historical glimpses of Rio de Janeiro

chapter 28|15 pages

Male sex work in Mexico

Virile prostitution at the Plaza Tapatía of Guadalajara

part VII|59 pages

Male sex work in Europe

chapter 29|15 pages

Male sex work in Italy

Male hierarchies, honor, and sexual status in the South

chapter 30|13 pages

Male prostitution in Spain

Vulnerability of the invisible

chapter 31|12 pages

Male sex work in Sweden

Criminalization of the client

chapter 32|17 pages

Male sex work in the Czech Republic

The intersection of cultural norms, sexual orientation, and economic disparities

part VIII|79 pages

Male sex work in the Asia-Pacific region

chapter 33|17 pages

Male sex work in India

Gendered sexualities and the market of Mumbai

chapter 34|15 pages

Male sex work in China

Digital technology and its emerging role

chapter 35|12 pages

Male sex workers in China

Repercussions of local germ theories on safe sex, hygiene, and fatalism

chapter 37|12 pages

Male sex work in Australia

Impact of legalization, criminalization, and peer support in community and public health

chapter |5 pages

Decriminalization as a goal

Opportunities, varieties, and pathways