This book offers unique interdisciplinary insights into developing connections between reflective practice and employability particularly through the lenses of the education and social work professions. It recognises the various meanings that can be applied to the notion of reflection and examines the challenges of using reflective practice in the workplace. The chapters explore the tensions that arise from preparing professionals to be agents of change and concerned with social justice and equity. Further, the book provides much needed perspective on how diverse positions can be identified and leveraged and shared meanings negotiated in the creation of meaningful professional learning resources for early career teachers and social workers and across the career continuum.

Bringing together contributions from internationally renowned scholars, Reflective Practice in Education and Social Work is essential reading for early career and experienced professionals in education and social work, academics and practitioners seeking further professional development in reflective practice.

chapter 1|12 pages


What is reflection and reflective professional practice?

chapter 8|16 pages

A case study

Using principles for reflective practice pedagogies to develop preservice teachers' reflective capacities

chapter 9|16 pages

The ‘Wollongong way’

Addressing issues of reflection and the development of professional identity with time-poor preservice teachers

chapter 12|12 pages

Professional learning in an age of digital technology

A reflection on critical literacy