This book analyses the responses of middle powers in the Asia-Pacific toward the contemporary great powers’ rivalry of the United States and China, through specific cases studies of South Korea, Australia, Japan, India, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Presenting local perspectives from multiple middle powers as they face the task of maintaining the international order in light of the recent competition between China and the United States, it further develops theories of foreign policy analyses, forming a systematic framework through initiating crucial concepts, including reluctant hedging, economic statecraft, and strategic position-taking. The contributions also provide an in-depth examination of the contemporary geo-politics of the region, including the impact of both the Trump and Biden administrations, Beijing’s “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy, cross-strait relations with Taiwan, and the influences of Japan, Vietnam, Australia and South Korea, revealing that regional middle powers do indeed exert influence on the direction of regional cooperation in the Asia-Pacific.

Providing comprehensive studies of many regional powers in the Asia-Pacific, this will be a valuable resource for scholars and students of International Politics, Asian Politics, Asian Studies as well as policy makers on Asia-Pacific relations.

chapter 1|12 pages


ByChien-wen Kou, Chiung-Chiu Huang

part Part I|70 pages

Asia-Pacific Middle Powers under the New Format of Great Power Rivalry

part Part II|86 pages

New Analytical Concepts and Framework for Middle Powers' Strategies

chapter 845|20 pages

Middle Power Cooperation 2.0 in the Indo-Pacific Era*

ByYoshihide Soeya

chapter 6|18 pages

New Economic Statecraft: Industrial Policy in an Era of Strategic Competition*

ByVinod K. Aggarwal, Andrew W. Reddie

chapter 8|26 pages

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How Lesser Powers Respond to Competing Great Powers in the Asia-Pacific Region*

ByHsin-Hsien Wang, Shinn-Shyr Wang, Wei-Feng Tzeng

part Part III|87 pages

Cases of Asia Pacific Middle Powers in the Era of New Great Power Rivalry