Match analysis is a performance-diagnostic procedure, which can be used to carry out systematic gaming analysis during competition and training. The analysis of team and racket sports, whether in competition, for opponent preparation (match plan), follow-up, or training is nowadays indispensable in many sports games at different levels.

This analysis nevertheless presents many open questions and problem areas: Which data should be used? Who manages the data? Who provides whom with which information? How is this information presented, digested, and applied? The more complex and anonymous the data management is, the more commercial, expensive, and uncontrollable information management and provision becomes.

Match Analysis: How to Use Data in Professional Sport is the first book to examine this topic through three types of data sets; video, event, and position data and show how to interpret this data and apply the findings for better team and individual sport performance.

This innovative new volume is key reading for researchers, students, and practitioners alike in the fields of Coaching, Performance Analysis, Sport Management, and related specific sport disciplines.

part Part I|41 pages


chapter 1|11 pages

Match Analysis in 2020

ByDaniel Memmert

chapter 2|9 pages

History of Match Analysis

ByJürgen Buschmann

chapter 3|10 pages

Match Analysis in Practice

ByStephan Nopp

chapter 4|9 pages

Match Analysis in Practice

Beach Volleyball
ByDaniel Link

part Part II|113 pages

Match Analysis on the Basis of Video Data

chapter 5|8 pages

Match Analysis in American Football

ByPeter Anderson

chapter 6|8 pages

Match Analysis in Basketball

ByStefan König, Jan Heckel

chapter 7|7 pages

Match Analysis in Cricket

BySaumya Mehta, John van der Kamp

chapter 8|9 pages

Match Analysis in Field Hockey

ByAnne Krause, Wolfgang Hillmann

chapter 9|10 pages

Opponent Analysis in Football

ByLukas Plener

chapter 10|8 pages

Visual Scanning in Football

ByMarius Pokolm

chapter 11|7 pages

Match Analysis in Ice Hockey

ByKarl Schwarzenbrunner

chapter 12|10 pages

Match Analysis in Rugby

BySharief Hendricks

chapter 13|8 pages

Match Analysis in Squash

ByEric Zillmer, Nyree Dardarian

chapter 14|9 pages

Match Analysis in Table Tennis

ByTimo Klein-Soetebier, Gunter Straub

chapter 15|7 pages

Match Analysis in Team Handball

ByFrowin Fasold

chapter 16|10 pages

Match Analysis in Tennis

ByPhilipp Born, Tobias Vogt

chapter 17|10 pages

Match Analysis in Volleyball

ByStefanie Klatt

part Part III|30 pages

Match Analysis on the Basis of Event Data

chapter 18|9 pages

KPIs on the Basis of Match Events Data

ByMarc Garnica-Caparrós

chapter 19|10 pages


ByMarkus Brunnschneider, Maximilian Hahn

chapter 20|9 pages

Normalizing KPIs Based on Possession

ByAshwin Phatak

part Part IV|59 pages

Match Analysis on the Basis of Position Data

chapter 21|8 pages

Model-Based Performance Analysis in Football

ByJürgen Perl

chapter 22|16 pages

Collective tactical behaviours in football

ByBenedict Low

chapter 23|8 pages

KPIs in the German Bundesliga

ByDominik Raabe

chapter 24|9 pages

Collective Behavior in Football

ByRui Marcelino, Jaime Sampaio, Guy Amichay, Bruno Gonçalves, Iain D. Couzin, Mate Nagy

chapter 25|8 pages

Applying Machine Learning in Football

The Identification of Counterpressing in Football
ByGabriel Anzer, Pascal Bauer, Oliver Höner

chapter 26|8 pages

Physical KPIs

ByMaximilian Klemp

part Part V|32 pages


chapter 27|10 pages

Communication of Match Analysis

ByPhilip Furley

chapter 28|9 pages

Limits of Match Analysis

ByFabian Wunderlich

chapter 29|11 pages

Match Analysis in 2030

ByRobert Rein