The impacts of tourism, an increasingly crucial area of study amongst researchers, are primarily investigated through economic, socio-cultural or environmental perspectives. The social psychological effects of tourism have not been adequately researched despite often being much more important for many destinations, especially where conflicts among different stakeholders exist. This book investigates the social psychological effects of tourism within the scope of social psychology theory.

This book introduces the concept of social psychology, as distinct from psychology and sociology, and its relationship to tourism, examines tourism within various theoretical frameworks, e.g. career ladder theory and Maslow’s 7 hierarchy, explores the ways in which tourism changes attitudes and finally investigates social psychological issues in tourism business.

It is an important resource for advanced undergraduates, graduate students and relevant practitioners in the field of tourism, and in some cases for a broader public in the field of social psychology.

chapter 3|14 pages

The Effects of Tourism

Economic, Environmental, Social, Cultural, Social Psychological

chapter 4|10 pages

Tourism, Prejudice, Stereotypes, and Personal Contact

Gordon Allport's Contributions to Tourism Research

chapter 10|11 pages

Hotel CSR May Not Always Lead to Positive Outcomes

The Role of Attributions about Motives Behind CSR Initiatives

chapter 12|12 pages

Explaining Intergroup and Intragroup Dynamics in Tourism

A Social Identity Approach

chapter 13|12 pages

Travel and Transformation

An Examination of Tourists' Attitude Changes

chapter 15|13 pages

Re-Examining the Tourism and Peace Nexus

A Social Network Theory Perspective

chapter 16|11 pages

What Influences Attitude Change?

Tourist Satisfaction, Motivation, Personality, Tolerance Level, Contact Situation (Level, Type, Frequency)

chapter 19|8 pages

Culture Shock Experiences of Tourists

A Transformative Perspective

chapter 20|12 pages

Tourist-to-Tourist Interaction (TTI)

A Social Distance Perspective

chapter |12 pages


Tourism and Social Psychology