This book brings together a vibrant interdisciplinary mix of scholars – from anthropology, architecture, art history, film studies, fine art, history, literature, linguistics and urban studies – to explore the role of emotions in the making and remaking of the city. By asking how urban boundaries are produced through and with emotion; how emotional communities form and define themselves through urban space; and how the emotional imaginings of urban spaces impact on histories, identities and communities, the volume advances our understanding of 'urban emotions' into discussions of materiality, power and embodiment across time and space.

chapter 2|17 pages

Converting the Cityscape

Emotions, Religion and Civic Ritual in the Renaissance City for the Tenshō Embassy

chapter 4|19 pages

“That One Parish of St Giles Hath Done Us All This Mischief”

Locating Fearful Places during Seventeenth-Century London Plague Times

chapter 5|21 pages

Tuning In

Emotion, Sound and the Urban Landscape of Radio Broadcasting in Postwar Brussels

chapter 6|17 pages

Good Fences

Affective Sociability, Neighbourly Relations and Australian Municipalism

chapter 9|23 pages

164Wanti nintu’ai kapakapa? 1 (Where Do You Push Me To?)

Emotional Responses to the Re-Emerging Kaurna Linguistic Landscape in the City of Adelaide

chapter 10|22 pages

This Smile Is Not for You

chapter 11|19 pages

Theme Park Lover

Longing and Flight through Tourist Space in Jia Zhangke’s The World

chapter 12|27 pages

From Bank to Gallery to the Sofa of Dreams

Accessing Autonomy-Supportive Transformation in Urban Sites through Performance Art