Conservation of Books is the highly anticipated reference work on global book structures and their conservation, offering the first modern, comprehensive overview on this subject.

The volume takes an international approach to its subject. Written by over 70 specialists in conservation and conservation science based in 19 countries, its 26 chapters cover traditional book structures from around the world, the materials from which they are made and how they degrade, and how to preserve and conserve them. It also examines the theoretical underpinnings of conservation: what and how to treat, and the ethical, cultural, and economic implications of treatment. Technical drawings and photographs illustrate the structures and treatments examined throughout the book. Ultimately, readers gain an in-depth understanding of the materiality of books in numerous global contexts and reflect on the practical considerations involved in their analysis and treatment.

Conservation of Books is a quintessential reference work for book conservators and anyone working with books, such as collection managers, librarians, curators, dealers, collectors, historians, and related professionals. It is also an indispensable text for students to complement hands-on training in this field.

chapter 1|2 pages


ByAbigail Bainbridge

part Section 1|248 pages

Book Structure and History

chapter 42|9 pages

The Birth of the Codex

ByGeorgios Boudalis, Julia Miller, Minah Song

chapter 3|83 pages

Eastern Mediterranean Bindings

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 4|22 pages

South-Asian Bindings

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 5|37 pages

East-Asian Bindings

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 6|14 pages

Southeast Asian Bindings

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 7|44 pages

European Bindings

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 8|18 pages

North American Bindings (Present-Day Canada and United States)

ByJulia Miller, Consuela (Chela) Metzger

chapter 9|19 pages

Latin American Bindings

ByMartha Elena Romero Ramírez, María Ángela Silvetti

part Section 2|166 pages

Bookbinding Materials and Their Degradation

chapter 25210|1 pages

Introduction to Bookbinding Materials and Their Degradation

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 11|111 pages

Materials and Identification

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 12|20 pages

The Ten Agents of Deterioration

ByCaroline Bendix, Tiffany Eng Moore

chapter 13|32 pages

Polymers and Their Degradation

ByNorman Billingham, Barry Knight, Paul Garside, David Mills

part Section 3|68 pages

Approaches to Conservation

chapter 41814|2 pages

Introduction to Approaches to Conservation

ByMelissa Tedone

chapter 15|22 pages


ByWilliam Bennett, Lauren Moon-Schott

chapter 16|13 pages

Conservation in Context

ByLauren Moon-Schott, Fiona McLees

chapter 17|16 pages

Previous Treatments

ByLauren Moon-Schott

chapter 18|13 pages

Social, Cultural, and Religious Considerations in Conservation Decision-Making

ByFletcher Durant, Bethany Goodman

part Section 4|54 pages

Preventive Conservation

chapter 48619|6 pages

Introduction to Preventive Conservation

ByFletcher Durant

chapter 20|20 pages

Boxing, Storage, and Transportation

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 21|13 pages

Exhibition of Books

ByAlexa McNaught-Reynolds

chapter 22|13 pages


BySamantha Cawson, Jessica Pollard

part Section 5|149 pages

Techniques of Conservation

chapter 54023|3 pages

Introduction to Techniques of Conservation

ByMelissa Tedone

chapter 24|10 pages

Conservation Documentation

ByAlberto Campagnolo

chapter 25|87 pages

Material-Based Treatments

ByAbigail Bainbridge

chapter 26|47 pages

Structural Repairs

ByAbigail Bainbridge