Within entrepreneurship education, Team Academy is seen by some as an innovative pedagogical model that enhances social connectivity, as well as experiential, student-centred, and team-based learning. It also creates spaces for transformative learning to occur.

This second book of the Routledge Focus on Team Academy book series includes chapters from contributors working with the TA methodology in academic institutions around the world that discuss the challenges, benefits, and approaches to embedding the TA methodology in practice (around coaching, assessment, transformative learning, partnerships, programme evolution, etc.).

This book is aimed at academics, practitioners, and learners engaged in the Team Academy methodology, pedagogy, and model, as well as those interested in the area of entrepreneurial team learning. Readers will be inspired to innovate in their delivery methodologies and to explore learning-by-doing approaches to creating value. The book also aims to challenge the discourse around entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activities, offering insights, research, stories, and experiences from those learning and working in the Team Academy approach.

chapter |5 pages


Team Academy in Practice

chapter 2|21 pages

Programme Evolution, Success Factors, and Key Challenges

The Case of Team Entrepreneurship at UWE, Bristol

chapter 3|19 pages

HES-SO Business Team Academy

How to Evaluate Without Exams?

chapter 7|18 pages

How to Develop Team Coaches at Team Academy

Different Contexts, Multiple Paths

chapter 8|23 pages

Mondragon Team Academy and LEINN Degree

From an Educational Revolution to a Global Social Innovation Inter-cooperation Network