Offering a holistic approach to positive luxury, this comprehensive book provides a novel framework grounded in the new paradigm of Transformative Luxury Research (TLR) stream. TLR helps luxury businesses and researchers develop in-depth knowledge about the mechanisms and factors that shape the future of positive luxury thinking and doing while promoting collective and individual well-being outcomes, social justice, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable growth, involving various stakeholders, communities, and institutions across developed and developing countries.

Through a wide range of empirical, methodological, and theoretical contributions, examining the social, environmental, organizational, political, and cultural issues in responsible luxury marketing, this book explores the relationship between luxury consumption, production, and well-being outcomes. It offers a comprehensive overview of how luxury businesses can transform their practices and thus play an active role in promoting positive luxury within the industry and beyond along with enhancing their competitiveness, innovation, and profitability.

The idea of well-being outcomes and sustainable growth, as applied in the TLR agenda, calls for synergistic theoretical and practical approaches. The content of this book, through different exciting chapters, will generate novel ideas to promote positive luxury business models leading luxury firms to transform their practices by advancing the current understanding of ethical and responsible business practices, which contribute to individual and collective well-being within the luxury field.

part One|57 pages

Transformative Luxury Research (TLR) to promote positive luxury

chapter 1|19 pages

Building the foundations of Transformative Luxury Research (TLR)

An agenda for the future of “positive luxury”
ByWided Batat

chapter 2|17 pages

The new ethical consumer

The coming consumer mandate for inclusive and innovative luxury fashion practices that support social well-being
ByMonica Mendini, Paula C. Peter, Heather Honea, Martina Grasso

part Two|111 pages

Advancing Transformative Luxury Research (TLR) to achieve well-being, social impact, and innovation

chapter 4|18 pages

Cultural-based authenticity and luxury as a bridge to cultural sustainability, social well-being, and innovation

The case of Giuditta Brozzetti's textile workshop
BySilvia Ranfagni

chapter 5|23 pages

Luxury influencer marketing and subjective well-being

How influencers' flaunting of luxuries impacts evaluations of the self and the endorsed brand
ByDe Veirman Marijke, Hudders Liselot

chapter 6|15 pages

Consumers' emotional reactions to responsible luxury

Implications for consumer well-being and luxury businesses' social impact
ByFrancine Espinoza Petersen, Dikla Perez

chapter 7|20 pages

Sustainable luxury tourism and food waste management

As case study of all-inclusive luxury resorts
ByMartin Gannon, Babak Taheri, Bendegul Okumus, Ibrahim Giritlioglu

chapter 8|17 pages

Montblanc's responsible entrepreneurship via the art of ‘writing’

Contributions to social well-being and innovation
ByShin’ya Nagasawa

part Three|64 pages

The role of Transformative Luxury Research (TLR) in promoting positive luxury thinking and doing

chapter 10|19 pages

Luxury from a developing country perspective and consumer well-being

A new agenda for academia and businesses
ByPallab Paul, Alex Yao

chapter 11|22 pages

Luxury food experiences

A proposition of a conceptual framework for food innovation and well-being
ByNabanita Talukdar

chapter 12|21 pages

Corporate purpose and employee well-being in the luxury industry

Conceptual foundations and recommendations for the Swiss watch sector
ByFabio Duma, Dina Khalifa, Jule Schäfer