Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking – 10 Years On takes stock of current thinking and research about rape and the way it is handled in practice within the criminal justice system, as well as challenging some of the widely held but inaccurate beliefs about rape.

The second edition of Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking – 10 Years On is not a traditional new edition, although it does provide updated versions of substantive issues covered in the first edition. Bringing the book to the cutting edge, it incorporates both old and new contexts where sexual exploitation takes place, identifying some knowledge gaps especially when considering the voices of complainants/victims/survivors who are invisible or muted, numerous new areas of research including the implications arising from #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, the limitations of our present criminal justice systems, and radical alternatives to closing the justice gap. The new book reflects the global reach of research and thinking about rape, including more international coverage, with material from India, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand as well as the UK. In order to learn from our shared history in this field, two authors reflect on their careers and other authors were encouraged to move away from conventional academic formats to convey their stories. Bringing together leading researchers in the field of psychology, sociology, and law, considering new research, and presenting new data from a strong theoretical and contextual base, the chapters are provocative and engage in innovative thinking, whilst remaining grounded in the available evidence.

This book is essential reading for students of criminology, forensic psychology, sociology, criminal justice, law, media studies, and women’s/gender studies. It also aims to inform professionals engaged in the investigation, prosecution of rape, support, and preventative services.

part Part I|42 pages


chapter 21|9 pages

Setting the Scene

The Challenges of Researching Rape
ByMiranda A. H. Horvath, Jennifer M. Brown

chapter 2|16 pages

Revisiting Emotionally Involved

The Impact of Researching Rape. Twenty Years (and Thousands of Stories) Later
ByRebecca Campbell

chapter 3|15 pages

Overcoming “Othering”

Reflections on Researching Police Responses to Victims of Sexual Violence
ByJan Jordan

part Part II|68 pages

Experiences of rape

chapter 444|17 pages

Digital Sexual Violence and the Gendered Constraints of Consent in Youth Image Sharing

ByEmily Setty, Jessica Ringrose, Kaitlyn Regehr

chapter 5|16 pages

Race, Gender, and Policing

How to Increase Sexual Abuse Reporting by British South Asian Women
ByAisha K. Gill

chapter 6|15 pages

Power, Hierarchies, and Higher Education

Rape on Campus in India and the UK
ByAnna Bull, Adrija Dey

chapter 7|18 pages

Rape of Older People

ByHannah Bows

part Part III|62 pages

Concepts and processes

chapter 1128|15 pages

Rape in the News

Contemporary Challenges
ByKaren Boyle, Brenna Jessie, Megan Strickland

chapter 9|15 pages

Pornography and Sexual Violence

Reflection on Policy Debates Around Age, Gender, and Harm
ByMaddy Coy, Meagan Tyler

chapter 10|16 pages

Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence

Reflections on the Concept
ByAnastasia Powell

chapter 11|14 pages

Modern Myths About Sexual Aggression

New Methods and Findings
ByGerd Bohner, Friederike Eyssel, Philipp Süssenbach

part Part IV|46 pages

No such thing as justice when it comes to rape?

chapter 17412|14 pages

Rape Law and Policy

Persistent Challenges and Future Directions
ByEithne Dowds, Elizabeth Agnew

part Part V|75 pages

What can be done? Thoughts on prevention, activism, and justice

chapter 22015|15 pages

Engaging Men and Boys in the Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence

ByMichael Flood, Stephen R. Burrell

chapter 17|14 pages

Online Anti-Rape Activism

Fighting Back Against Rape Culture
ByLidia Salvatori, Kaitlynn Mendes

chapter 18|15 pages

Creative and Transformative Approaches to Justice

Bymolly ackhurst, Melanie Brazzell, Aviah Sarah Day, Kamilah Tomlinson, Yara Rodrigues Fowler

chapter 19|11 pages


What's It Going to Take?
ByJennifer M. Brown, Miranda A. H. Horvath