Originally published in 1980, this book was written by consultants in urban development with wide experience in the developing world and is a source book aimed at advisers (often from developed countries) who assist with urban planning matters on behalf of multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank. It presents a style of consultancy which accepts that not all the problems of settlement planning in developing countries can be solved by the transfer of Western methods. Although the book concentrates on the techniques and methods which have been found to be effective in the field, it also argues for a new philosophy of consultancy, in which consultants work with local staff and using the ingenuity and spirit of enterprise among the communities themselves.

part One|74 pages

Planning Framework

chapter 1|14 pages

The Context

ByAlan Turner

chapter 2|30 pages

Community Development

ByAlan Turner

chapter 3|28 pages

Project Planning

ByAlan Turner

part Two|74 pages

Social, Economic and Financial Context

chapter 4|28 pages

Defining Social Needs

ByDavid Walton, Graham Fowler

chapter 5|25 pages

The Creation of New Employment

ByJohn Butler

chapter 6|19 pages

Administration and Finance

ByKenneth Wren

part Three|136 pages

Physical Development

chapter 7|49 pages

Environmental Evaluation and Design

ByRichard Westmacott, Christopher Blandford

chapter 8|32 pages

Planning and Development Standards

ByAlan Turner

chapter 9|29 pages

Low-Income Housing

ByAlan Turner

chapter 10|24 pages

Financial Appraisal of the Project

ByKenneth Wren