This book shows readers how to rethink and reimagine leadership and charts a course towards a new vision of leadership. It outlines lessons to be learned for leadership – not only after the COVID pandemic but also in light of other ongoing crises around issues such as climate change and global inequality.

The pandemic has shone a harsh spotlight not just on the leaders of organisations but on the concept of leadership itself and the way we lead. Many of those who were in positions of power before the crisis have been found wanting; too often, our idols have turned out to have feet of clay. But does the problem lie with the leaders themselves, or do the roots of the problem lie deeper? Do we need to start rethinking and reimagining the kind of leadership we will need in a post-COVID world? Post-Pandemic Leadership brings voices from every sector to demonstrate what changes we can make in order to make leadership fit for purpose in the twenty-first century.

Illustrating a need for a radical change in leadership, with leaders focusing much more on human relationships, kindness, fairness, well-being and a general sense of responsibility, this book will be of interest to both established leaders and the next generation of leaders in education and in practice.

chapter 1|6 pages


part I|83 pages

Reflections on Leadership in Crisis

chapter 2|13 pages

Don't Lose Your Head

Resilience Through Kindness With the Konyaks of Nagaland

chapter 4|11 pages

The boy who cried Flow

Unicorns and fabulist leadership in times of COVID‑19

chapter 5|10 pages

Leadership in a National Crisis

chapter 6|13 pages

Spontaneous leadership

chapter 7|8 pages

Calling time on leadership myths

chapter 8|10 pages

By Force or Fire

African Leadership Must Change or Leave

part II|131 pages

Future Directions

chapter 9|9 pages

Seeds Beneath the Snow

Insights on Leadership from Anarchism

chapter 11|15 pages

Addicted to Leadership

From Crisis to Recovery

chapter 12|9 pages

The power of humble

Re-imagining the power of leaders after COVID‑19

chapter 15|13 pages

The Future of Cultural Leadership

chapter 16|9 pages

Creating Certainty Out of Chaos

School Leadership in the UK During COVID‑19

chapter 17|14 pages

Leadership in Crisis

What Lessons Can be Learned From the NHS Response to the COVID‑19 Pandemic in 2020–2021?

chapter 18|11 pages

Leadership in Social Enterprises

chapter 19|13 pages

The Modern Leader

A Focus on Wellbeing

chapter 20|6 pages

Dynamic Amidst Change

Exploring the Roles of Millennials and Gen Zs