Originally published in 1991, this book covers an usually long time – from the 17th to the 20th Century – and considers the impact of internal migration and immigration (primarily in Britain) as well as emigration to North America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Population movements are now recognized to be an integral part of structural change within society and this book brings together a variety of approaches. Drawing on the findings of historians, geographers and sociologists, the essays highlight areas of concern and illustrate some of the directions research on migration was taking in the early 1990s.

chapter 1|15 pages


Approaches to the study of migration and social change

part I|67 pages

Emigration from the British Isles

chapter 3|20 pages

From Irish countryside to American city

The settlement and mobility of Ulster migrants in Philadelphia

part II|103 pages

Internal migration in Britain

chapter 5|19 pages

Migration in early-modern Scotland and England

A comparative perspective

chapter 7|31 pages

The longitudinal study of migration

Welsh migration to English towns in the nineteenth century

chapter 8|14 pages

Women migrants in mind

Leaving Wales in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

part III|19 pages

Immigration to Britain

chapter 9|17 pages

Historians and immigration