This book is a re-issue originally published in 1961. The language used is a reflection of its era and no offence is meant by the Publishers to any reader by this re-publication. Dr Cleugh was in charge of the course for teachers of so-called 'educationally sub-normal' children at the University of London Institute of Education.

The three volumes of this work, which at the time took their place as complete and up-to-date guides to the subjects they cover, were written by practising teachers who had passed through the Institute’s course, and they cover every part of the curriculum from the point of view of the 'slow' learner. This volume focuses on the secondary school.

chapter Chapter I|10 pages

Social, Moral and Religious Education

ByMary K. Fleming

chapter Chapter II|16 pages

Physical Education and Health

ByE. A. Say

chapter Chapter III|6 pages

Speech and Oral Work

ByL. H. Lyon

chapter Chapter IV|27 pages

Reading and English

ByM. F. Cleugh

chapter Chapter V|23 pages


ByM. E. Richards

chapter Chapter VI|21 pages


ByJoyce Myers

chapter Chapter VII|22 pages


ByWilliam Brien

chapter Chapter VIII|5 pages


ByC. G. Golding

chapter Chapter IX|12 pages


ByR. E. Beinder

chapter Chapter X|23 pages


ByHilary Devereux

chapter Chapter XI|26 pages

Environmental Studies

ByW. C. Beagley

chapter Chapter XII|15 pages

School Journeys

ByE. G. W. Sterry

chapter Chapter XIII|7 pages

The Keeping of Records

ByMinna Smith

chapter Chapter XIV|16 pages

Backward Lads In Approved Schools

ByRalph S. Taylor

chapter Chapter XV|20 pages

Teaching Backward Adults

ByD. H. J. Phillips

chapter Chapter XVI|17 pages

A Unified Curriculum

ByJ. M. Cooper