This book examines the initial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global sport and the varying consequences of the sport shutdown on all levels of society. It also considers the many lessons that have been learnt so that sport stakeholders can successfully adjust and operate under the "new normal."

Featuring authors, cases and examples from around the world, the book explores the impact of COVID-19 on sport at all levels, from community sport – where local clubs, gyms and development programmes had to find ways to survive with pitches closed and projects cancelled – to the major professional sport leagues and sport mega-events, with events postponed and teams playing in empty stadia. It considers the economic, social and developmental impacts of the pandemic, including physical, mental and social wellbeing, and looks at how key professional and community sport organisations have reacted to the crisis, reflecting on the lessons learnt and preparations for future pandemics and challenges of similar size and significance. 

With COVID-19 now endemic in the global population, this is an essential reference for anybody working in sport, from students and researchers to managers, policymakers and development officers.

part I|22 pages

Sport and the Pandemic

chapter 1|7 pages

COVID-19 and Sport

Setting the Scene

part II|198 pages

COVID-19 and Professional Sport

chapter 3|10 pages

COVID-19 and Sport Governing Bodies

Pandemic Disruption

chapter 5|10 pages

COVID-19 and Professional Sporting Leagues

European Football

chapter 6|9 pages

COVID-19 and Professional Sport Teams

Dealing with the Unexpected

chapter 10|13 pages

COVID-19 and Women's Professional Sport Pandemic Effects

Mitigating, Manoeuvring and Reimagining?

chapter 12|11 pages

COVID-19 and High-Performance Sport Management

Athletes and Coaches

chapter 14|11 pages

COVID-19 and Sport Sponsorship

Seeing the Silver Lining in Times of Crisis

chapter 16|12 pages

COVID-19 and Sport Tourism

chapter 17|13 pages

COVID-19 and Sport Stadia

Managing Large Sport Facilities during a Crisis Like No Other

chapter 18|11 pages

COVID-19 and Esport

Digital Mediation in a Restricted World

chapter 20|17 pages

COVID-19 and Sports Law

part III|108 pages

COVID-19 and Community Sport

chapter 21|12 pages

COVID-19 and Sport and Physical Activity

Specific Effects and the Importance of Home-Based Training and Learning

chapter 22|7 pages

COVID-19 and the Fitness Industry

chapter 25|10 pages

COVID-19 and Sport Education

Youth Sport in the United States of America

chapter 28|16 pages

COVID-19 and Disability Sport

Imagining Disability Accessible and Inclusive Sport Management Futures

part IV|52 pages

COVID-19 and Global and National Sport Events

chapter 32|11 pages

COVID-19 and National Sport Events

A Case Study of the Sport Event Logistics for the 2021 Australian Road Nationals Cycling Championships

chapter 34|11 pages

COVID-19 and Sport in South America

Resistance, Indignation and Hope