Value-based pricing – pricing a product or service according to its value to the customer rather than its cost – is the most effective and profitable pricing strategy. Value First, Then Price is an innovative collection that proposes a quantitative methodology to value pricing and road-tests this methodology through a wide variety of real-life industrial and B2B cases.

This book offers a state-of-the art and best practice overview of how leading companies quantify and document value to customers. In doing so, it provides students and researchers with a method by which to draw invaluable data-driven conclusions, and gives sales and marketing managers the theories and best practices they need to quantify the value of their products and services to industrial and B2B purchasers. The 2nd edition of this highly-regarded text has been updated in line with current research and practice, offering three new chapters covering new case studies and best practice examples of quantified value propositions, the future of value quantification, and value quantification for intangibles.

With contributions from global industry experts this book combines cutting edge research on value quantification and value quantification capabilities with real-life, practical examples. It is essential reading for postgraduate students in Sales and Marketing with an interest in Pricing Strategy, sales and pricing specialists, as well as business strategists, in both research and practice.

part I|13 pages


chapter 1|11 pages


Quantifying and documenting value in business markets

part II|50 pages

Selling value

chapter 2|9 pages

Value first, then price

The new paradigm of B2B buying and selling

chapter 3|12 pages


Processes and capabilities for value quantification

chapter 5|8 pages


Nurturing value quantification capabilities in strategic account managers

part III|67 pages

Selling value – best practices in value quantification

chapter 9|10 pages

An inside look at value quantification of competitive advantages

How industry leaders prove value to their customers

chapter 11|8 pages

Quantifying intangible benefits

Best practices to increase willingness to pay while creating longer-lasting customer relationships

chapter 12|13 pages

Toward a shared understanding of value in B2B exchange

Discovering, selecting, quantifying, and sharing value

part IV|58 pages

Buying on value – value quantification and B2B purchasing

chapter 13|14 pages

Value first, cost later

Total value contribution as a new approach to sourcing decisions

chapter 14|4 pages


Selling value to purchasing

chapter 16|14 pages

Value selling

The crucial importance of access to decision makers from the procurement perspective

part V|24 pages

Value quantification and organizational change management

chapter 18|6 pages


Implementing value quantification in B2B

chapter 19|16 pages


The ring of truth – value quantification in B2B services

part VI|34 pages

Buying and selling on value – value quantification tools

chapter 20|7 pages

A question of value

Customer value mapping versus economic value modeling 1

part VII|14 pages


chapter 23|2 pages

A call to action

Value quantification in B2B buying and selling

chapter 25|8 pages


The present and future of value quantification