Drawing from empirical analyses, case studies, and a synthesis of best practices, this book explores how innovation manifests itself in rural places and how it contributes to entrepreneurial development and resilience. Innovation in rural places may come about as a result of new forms of collaboration; policies that leverage rural assets and address critical service or product gaps; novel strategies for accessing financial capital; infusion of arts into aspects of community life; and cultivation of networks that bridge entrepreneurs, organizations, and institutions. The chapters illustrate how a number of innovation-related characteristics relate to economic vibrancy in rural places such as a strong connection to the arts, adaptive and sustainable use of natural resources, value-chain integrated food systems, robust bridging social capital networks, creative leveraging of technology, and presence of innovation-focused entrepreneurs. Through exploration of these and other topics, this book will provide insights and best practices for rural community and economic development scholars and practitioners seeking to strengthen the rural innovation ecosystem.

chapter 1|16 pages

Rural Innovation Redefined

ByCharlie French

chapter 2|14 pages

The Geography of Rural Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the United States

ByStephan J. Goetz, Devon Meadowcroft, Yicheol Han

chapter 4|14 pages

Exploring Innovation Creation in Rural Places through Rural Establishments

ByJohn Mann, Steven Miller

chapter 5|19 pages

Social Capital Building for Rural Innovation

ByThomas S. Lyons

chapter 6|9 pages

Rural Innovation at the Community Level

ByCornelia Butler Flora

chapter 7|26 pages

Embracing Uncertainty and Antifragility in Rural Innovation and Entrepreneurship

ByMichael W.P. Fortunato, Theodore R. Alter

chapter 9|22 pages

Rural Flourishing through Artistic Imagination

Unleashing the Advantages of Nonmetropolitan America
ByTimothy R. Wojan

chapter 10|19 pages

Innovating with People Power

Bolstering Regional Food Economies through Value Chain Coordination Networks
BySarah Rocker, Jodee Smith

chapter 11|24 pages

Rural Destination Management Innovation and Collaboration in Appalachia

ByDaniel Eades, Douglas Arbogast

chapter 12|15 pages

Nature-Based Economic Development

Innovating at the Intersection of Nature & Main Street
ByShannon Rogers, Molly Donovan, Cathryn Porter, Geoffrey Sewake

chapter 13|15 pages

Giving Rise to Innovation Ecosystems in Rural Honduras

A Case Study of Sustainable Harvest International
ByEgbert Ospina, Alexandra Croteau, Elliott Powell, Ricardo Romero-Perezgrovas