In this book, international psychoanalytic writers address the question ‘What do Women Want Today?’ from a variety of lenses, bringing into focus the creative, resilient forces shown by women in their multiple social and psychological tasks.

The book reviews classic psychoanalytic theories about the feminine within a new cultural context. It challenges hegemonic gender prejudices and discusses new conceptions that do not pathologize ‘different’ lifestyles and family configurations. With chapters by leading, international thinkers in the field, this book explores how to think about new feminine scenarios, gender identities, gender dynamics, motherhood, and desire, in light of modern psychoanalytic theories. In presenting how these changing contemporary notions of the feminine challenge classic psychoanalytic theory and practice, this book will compel both training and experienced analysts to think about new psychoanalytic theories and engage with their own prejudices regarding changing notions of the feminine.

Offering ideas relevant to psychoanalysis, sociology, gender studies, psychology, and activism, this book will be of great interest to professionals, teachers and students in addition to any with an interest in psychoanalytic theory and women’s studies.

part 1Part I|26 pages

chapter 1|11 pages

What do women want today?

ByMargarita Cereijido

chapter 2|13 pages

Authority, power and gender in institutional life

ByVirginia Ungar

part Part II|40 pages

Current theories about the feminine

chapter 3|16 pages

Liberating “female” from “femininity”

Helene Deutsch and the past to Dianne Elise and the present
ByRosemary H. Balsam

chapter 4|16 pages

The feminine: Plurality of desires

ByLeticia Glocer Fiorini

chapter 5|6 pages

What women want and what men want of women

ByArlene Kramer Richards

part Part III|72 pages

Gender relations today

chapter 6|16 pages

Gender relations today

ByGraciela Abelin-Sas Rose

chapter 7|29 pages

Women and psychoanalysis across generations and diversities

What do women want now: not answers but questions
ByAdrienne Harris, Kirsten Lentz, Shubha Herlekar, June Lee Kwon, Romy Reading, Julie Leavitt

chapter 8|16 pages

The persistent impact of stereotypes about women

ByCecile R. Bassen

chapter 9|7 pages

What should a wife want?

ByJanice S. Lieberman

part Part IV|22 pages

Psychoanalysis in the community

chapter 10|10 pages

Opening space for women to dream and symbolize when facing misogyny

The need for an active bystander witness
ByNancy R. Goodman

chapter 11|8 pages

What do women want?

Let our voices be heard
ByAdriana Prengler

part Part V|29 pages

Contemporary feminine scenarios

chapter 12|11 pages

The maternal-feminine

Scenarios in transformation psychoanalysis and gender perspectives
ByPatricia Alkolombre

chapter 13|16 pages

Self-agency in the feminine

What females need today
ByPaula L. Ellman

chapter |3 pages

Concluding remarks

ByMargarita Cereijido, Paula L. Ellman, Nancy R. Goodman