The Future of Religious Heritage examines the resurgence of religious heritage in a secular age and frames such heritage as both legacy from the past and promise for the future.

Drawing on case studies from across Europe, this volume addresses the intersection of three well-defined areas of research: secularism, religious heritage and the question of renewal. Considering the heritagisation of religion and the sacralisation of heritage, contributions to the book consider to what extent the idea of renewal, so pivotal to religious and secular ontologies, is present in heritage formations. Thinking about the temporalities of re-enactment and reconstruction, this volume examines whether heritage practices incorporate religious time into secular practice. Problematising such temporalities of the sacred in our post-secular age, the volume explores how these intersections of religious and secular time in heritage practices inform constructions of the future.

The Future of Religious Heritage addresses the paradox of the secularisation of religion and the sacralisation of heritage in a post-secular age. It will appeal to academics and students with an interest in critical heritage studies, religion, and (post)secularism, and will also be of interest to those studying re-enactment, regeneration and renewal.

chapter |22 pages


Temporalities of Renewal in Religious Heritage
ByFerdinand de Jong

part Part I|124 pages

Futures of Places of Worship

chapter 241|19 pages

A Museum Made Mosque

Postsecularism and the Case of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia
ByStéphanie Machabée

chapter 2|21 pages

Re-Living Religion

Ritual and Heritage in English Cathedrals
BySimon Coleman

chapter 3|22 pages

Drawing Futures in Lisbon

Diversity, Heritage, and Religion 1
ByJosé Mapril

chapter 4|23 pages

Reconciliation and Its (Mis)uses

Rebuilding the Garrison Church in Potsdam 1
ByAgnieszka Halemba

chapter 5|15 pages

‘A House of Power’

Producing Pentecostal Heritage in Southwest Nigeria
ByTheo Weiss

chapter 6|22 pages

Traces of the Sacred

Loss, Hope, and Potentiality in Religious Heritage in England
ByFerdinand de Jong

part Part II|79 pages

Choreographies of Futures

chapter 1487|21 pages

In and Out of Sync

Temporality and Togetherness in the Church of England
ByAlina Apostu

chapter 8|16 pages

Religious Heritage Claims to Eternity

The Salesian Passion Play in Kraków
ByKamila Baraniecka-Olszewska

chapter 9|20 pages

Pre-enacting The Passion

Restaging Religious Heritage, Producing Unruly Audiences 1
ByErnst van den Hemel, Irene Stengs

chapter 10|20 pages

A Playful Frame for Remembrance and Renewal

Staging Hanukkah in Post-War Theatre Productions of The Diary of Anne Frank
ByRemco Ensel