This edited volume is about diversifying the teaching profession. It is unique in its inclusion of multiple dimensions of diversity; its chapters focus on a wide range of under-represented groups, including those from lower socio-economic groups, Black and minority ethnic groups, migrants, the Travelling community, the Deaf community, the LGBTQI+ community and those of mature age.

The book includes contributions from Australia, England, Iceland, Portugal and Scotland, as well as a number of chapters from the Irish context, mostly emanating from projects funded under Ireland’s Higher Education Authority’s Programme for Access to Higher Education (PATH): Strand 1Equity of Access to Initial Teacher Education.

The book also critically engages the rationale for diversifying the profession, arguing not only that representation still matters, but also that ultimately teacher diversity work needs to encompass system transformation to achieve a diverse, equitable and inclusive teaching profession.

section Section I|109 pages

Introduction, Rationale and International Perspectives

chapter 1|19 pages

Diversifying the Teaching Profession

Representation Matters

chapter 2|14 pages

The Rationale for Diversifying the Teaching Profession

Social Justice, Ethnic-Matching and Recent Trends

chapter 3|18 pages

Diversity in the Teaching Profession in Ireland

Tracing Research and Policy Development

chapter 4|11 pages

Diversifying the Teaching Profession in Scotland

The Work of the Scottish Government's Working Group on Diversifying the Teaching Profession

chapter 6|12 pages

Teacher Gender Diversity

Uncovering a Hidden Curriculum of Masculinities

section Section II|98 pages

Diversity in Initial Teacher Education and the Teaching Profession in Ireland

chapter 9|12 pages

‘Working Class’ Student Teachers' Constructions of Teaching as a Powerful Role

Encountering Deficit-based ‘Teacher Talk’ During Placement

chapter 10|10 pages

‘Going the Extra Mile’

Working Class Teachers and Their Engagement with Parents

chapter 12|11 pages

Migrant Teachers in Ireland

An Untapped Trapped Reservoir?

chapter 13|11 pages

‘No One Sees a Traveller at the Top of the Class’

Experiences of Irish Travellers on Programmes Supporting Teacher Diversity

chapter 14|12 pages

Someone Like Me?

Minority Ethnic Children Reflect on the Need for Minority Ethnic Teachers

chapter 15|10 pages

Creating Inclusive Communities

Preparing the University for a Cohort of Deaf-Sign Language Users in Initial Teacher Education

chapter 16|10 pages

LGBTQI+ Teachers in Ireland

Dilemmas of Visibility, Age-Appropriateness and Religion across a Period of Rapid Legislative Change

chapter 17|11 pages

Supporting Mature Students in Primary Teacher Education

A Framework of Care

section Section III|32 pages

Learning from Teacher Diversity Research and Charting Future Pathways