The first of its kind, this anthology in the burgeoning field of technology ethics offers students and other interested readers 32 chapters, each written in an accessible and lively manner specifically for this volume. The chapters are conveniently organized into five parts:

  1. Perspectives on Technology and its Value
  2. Technology and the Good Life
  3. Computer and Information Technology
  4. Technology and Business
  5. Biotechnologies and the Ethics of Enhancement

A hallmark of the volume is multidisciplinary contributions both (1) in "analytic" and "continental" philosophies and (2) across several hot-button topics of interest to students, including the ethics of autonomous vehicles, psychotherapeutic phone apps, and bio-enhancement of cognition and in sports. The volume editors, both teachers of technology ethics, have compiled a set of original and timely chapters that will advance scholarly debate and stimulate fascinating and lively classroom discussion.

Downloadable eResources (available from www.routledge.com/9781032038704) provide a glossary of all relevant terms, sample classroom activities/discussion questions relevant for chapters, and links to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries and other relevant online materials.

Key Features:

  • Examines the most pivotal ethical questions around our use of technology, equipping readers to better understand technology’s promises and perils.
  • Explores throughout a central tension raised by technological progress: maintaining social stability vs. pursuing dynamic social improvements.
  • Provides ample coverage of the pressing issues of free speech and productive online discourse.

chapter |3 pages


part I|56 pages

Perspectives on Technology and Its Value

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages

The Definition of Technology

chapter Chapter 2|4 pages

Value-Free Technology?

chapter Chapter 3|8 pages

The Values Built into Technologies

chapter Chapter 4|8 pages

Technological Determinism

What It Is and Why It Matters

chapter Chapter 5|8 pages

Heidegger's Philosophy of Technology

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

Postphenomenology and Ethics

chapter Chapter 7|9 pages

Technology and the Extended Mind

part II|69 pages

Technology and the Good Life

chapter Chapter 8|11 pages

Ethical Theory and Technology

chapter Chapter 9|10 pages

Disagreeing Well about Technology

chapter Chapter 10|10 pages

Technology and the Virtue of Honesty

chapter Chapter 11|9 pages

Confucian Ethics of Technology

chapter Chapter 12|10 pages

Utilitarianism and Happy-People-Pills

chapter Chapter 13|10 pages

Marxist Perspectives on Technology

chapter Chapter 14|8 pages

Technology and Trust – A Kantian Approach

part III|64 pages

Computer and Information Technology

chapter Chapter 15|9 pages

Values in Artificial Intelligence Systems

chapter Chapter 18|9 pages

Privacy, Security, and Surveillance

chapter Chapter 19|6 pages


Phenomenological Reflections on Contemporary Screenhood

chapter Chapter 20|10 pages

Race, Gender, and Visibility on Social Media

chapter Chapter 21|10 pages

Fake News

There's No App for Truthfulness

part IV|55 pages

Technology in Business

chapter Chapter 24|9 pages

Data Science and Business Ethics

chapter Chapter 26|10 pages

Big Tech & Political Equality

chapter Chapter 27|8 pages

AI and the Law

Can the Legal System Help Us Maximize Paperclips and Minimize Deaths?

part V|48 pages

Biotechnology and the Ethics of Enhancement