Drawing from a variety of libraries and archives, this collection brings together material to illustrate the history of the development of trade unionism and industrial relations. It spans the period from the early journeymen's trade societies as they emerged in the 18th-Century through to the end of the First World War. Part II, Volume 5 spans 1865-1880.

chapter |2 pages

To the Trades’ Unionists of the United Kingdom.

ByFellow Workmen

chapter |8 pages

Mr. Potter and the London Trades’ Council.

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |76 pages

Trades’ Societies and Lock-Outs.

ByMr. J. Farrell

chapter |2 pages

The Tailors’ Strike and the System of Picketing.

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |22 pages

The Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners

ByEdward Spencer Beesly

chapter |8 pages

To the Trades’ Unionists’ of Great Britain and Ireland.

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |14 pages

The Advantages of Trades Unions

ByW. H. Wood

chapter |12 pages

The President’s Address.

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |1 pages

The Wages Agitation on the Clyde.

25,000 Men to be Locked Out.
ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |10 pages

Trade-Union: their Nature, Character, and Work.

ByGeorge Howell