Drawing from a variety of libraries and archives, this collection brings together material to illustrate the history of the development of trade unionism and industrial relations. It spans the period from the early journeymen's trade societies as they emerged in the 18th-Century through to the end of the First World War. Part II, Volume 6 spans 1881-1899.

chapter |5 pages

The Dockers’ Story

ByBenjamin Tillett

chapter |13 pages

The Great Strike

ByJohn Burns

chapter |35 pages

The Great Dock Strike In London, August, 1889

ByHenry Hyde Champion

chapter |13 pages

Murray’s Magazine. June, 1890. Trade Unionism, New and Old

ByGeorge Shipton

chapter |12 pages

Trade Unionism. Replies to Mr. Georce Shipton

ByFred Hammill

chapter |66 pages

The Scottish Railway Strike 1891 A History and Criticism

ByJames Mavor

chapter |16 pages

The Miners’ Eight Hours Bill

ByWilliam Whitefield

chapter |16 pages

Trade Unionism, Co-Operation, and Social Democracy

ByH. Quelch

chapter |12 pages

Trades Unions for Women

ByLady Dilke

chapter |8 pages

The Lock-Out in the Coal Tbade

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |34 pages

Miners’ Wages and the Sliding Scale

ByWilliam Smart

chapter |14 pages

Old & New Unionism. (Second Edition, with Additions.)

ByLeonard Hall

chapter |8 pages

Socialism and Trade Unionism: Wherein do They Differ ?

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |9 pages

Notes and Memoranda

ByJ. M. Ludlow

chapter |15 pages

Temperton v. Russell Case

ByW. Hamish Fraser

chapter |24 pages

Free Labour Frauds. A Study in Dishonesty

ByW. Hamish Fraser