Nordic Fascism is the first comprehensive history in English of fascism in the Nordic countries.

Transnational cooperation between radical nationalists has especially been the case in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, where fascism has not only developed through interdependent processes but also through interactions between and beyond national boundaries, and where “racial relationship” has been a core argument. With chapters ranging from the inception of fascism in the interwar years up to the present day, this book offers the first fragments of an entangled history of Nordic fascism. It illuminates how The North occupies a special place in the fascist imagination, articulating ideas about the Nordic people resisting the supposed cultural degeneration, replacement, or annihilation of the white race. The authors map ideological exchange between fascist organisations in the Nordic countries and outline past and present attempts at pan-Nordic state building.

This book will appeal to scholars of fascism and Nordic history, and readers interested in the general history of fascism.

chapter |14 pages

The Nature of Nordic Fascism

An Introduction

chapter 2|20 pages

National Socialisms in Clinch

The Case of Norwegian National Socialists in Interwar Germany

chapter 3|24 pages

A Pragmatic Revolutionary

R. Erik Serlachius and Fascist Visions of Society and Community

chapter 4|19 pages

Nordic Heretics

A National Socialist Opposition in Norway and Denmark

chapter 5|24 pages

Hidden Knowledge and Mythical Origins

Atlantis, Esoteric Fascism, and Nordic Racial Divinity

chapter 6|28 pages

Esoteric Nordic Fascism

The Second Coming of Hitler and the Idea of the People

chapter 7|22 pages

Window to Europe

Finland and Nordic Fascist Networks during the Cold War

chapter 8|24 pages

Ethnocultural and Racial Ambiguities of National Socialist State-Building

Finland and the Nordic Resistance Movement