Metaphors in Counselor Education and Supervision provides counselor educators and supervisors with creative applications of metaphors to help students and supervisees who struggle with abstract clinical concepts or foundational clinical skills.

This teaching and supervision guide provides a variety of metaphors to clarify different areas of counselor education and supervision, including but not limited to case conceptualization, self-care, the counseling process, countertransference, suicide assessments, and advocacy. Each metaphor is accompanied by ethical and cultural considerations, group supervision modifications, and alternative uses to help emphasize diversity and ethics.

This book will prepare supervisees and students with unique methods for teaching and understanding counseling concepts and skills and supply professional counselors with creative and different perspectives to use in practice.

part Part I|13 pages

Introduction: Using Metaphors as Tools

chapter |11 pages

Introduction: Using Metaphors as Tools

ByStephanie L. Brooke, Jacqueline Baer

part Part II|179 pages


chapter 1|6 pages

Do You Treat Your Clients Like Fine China?

ByRyan Holliman

chapter 2|5 pages

The Theater: Using Empathy for Meaning

ByJ. Justin Cook

chapter 4|7 pages

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

BySheri Pickover

chapter 5|4 pages

The Elephant Hunter

ByChristian J. Dean

chapter 6|5 pages

A Jigsaw Puzzle as a Metaphor for Crisis Response

ByCourtney M. Holmes

chapter 7|7 pages

The Circus

ByLinda M. Beeler

chapter 8|4 pages

The Car Mechanic

ByChristian J. Dean

chapter 9|11 pages

The Mine of the Mind

ByLori Ellison

chapter 11|5 pages

The Flip Book: A Metaphor for Change

ByChristine McNichols

chapter 12|7 pages

Roots Not Leaves: Navigating Clinical Focus and Treatment Planning

BySarah E. Stewart-Spencer

chapter 14|8 pages

Massaging the Tension: The Balance Between Balancing and Pushing Through Tension

ByChristian D. Chan, Brian A. Kooyman

chapter 16|6 pages

Counseling Substance Abuse: Ghostbusting Hungry Ghosts

ByJustin G. Jacques

chapter 17|6 pages

Undercurrents and Riptides: Addressing end of Life Issues

ByAndy Brown, Susan Foster

chapter 18|21 pages

Band of Counselors: Winning the Battle of Turning Raw Recruits into Skilled Counselors

ByCandace M. McLain-Tait, Joelle P. F. Lewis, Kelly Dunbar Davison

chapter 19|6 pages

Internship Is a Circus!

ByJessica Lloyd-Hazlett, Melissa Shiplett-Jupe

chapter 20|6 pages

The Coach and the Quarterback in the Therapeutic Relationship

ByPatricia A. Robey, Victoria A. Harris

chapter 21|9 pages

Counselor as Advocate: Getting in the Arena

ByStaci L. Born, Jennifer K. Londgren

chapter 23|6 pages

Connect Through the Door of Your Competency, Not the Window of Your Pain

ByKatherine Miley, Sarah E. Stewart-Spencer

chapter 24|8 pages

Self-Care: Staying Off the Island

ByStephen Fortson, Leslie Neyland-Brown

chapter 25|8 pages

Strikes, Spares, and Self-Care

ByVictoria Berenato, Diana L. Wildermuth