Environment Impact Assessment: Precept & Practice deals with theoretical, practical, managerial and legal issues in multidisciplinary holism to suit Indian environmental planning and governance. Environment Impact Assessment is not only considered a tool for sustainable development but a promissory augury of creation of equitable regime of for ecosystem governance. The book is laced with polemical issues in dexterous detail to cater erudite demand of environmental planners besides fulfilling the void of curriculum and pedagogic requirements of technical universities, environmental management and legal studies. The book offers diversity of thoughts across discipline on Environment Impact Assessment discourse in rounded perspective having immense potential for textual and reference utilities. The treatment of subject is not only discursive but paradigmatic to eradicate contemporary crisis in Environment Impact Assessment regime. It combines theoretical postulate with deeper empiricism and penetrative case studies to make an intriguing subject of Environment Impact Assessment with greater ease and lucidity.

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section Section I|78 pages

Environment Impact Assessment, Sustainability & Security

section Section II|72 pages

Environment Impact Assessment & Technological Innovations

chapter Chapter 4|29 pages

Water Policy in India: Building Blocks for Synergy with Science, Technology and Innovation

ByVenkatesh Dutta, Karunesh Kumar Shukla, Subhash Chander

chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

Use of Geospatial Technology in Environmnetal Impact Assesssment

ByEkwal Imam, Orus Ilyas, M. Mukhtyar Hussain

chapter Chapter 6|24 pages

Environmental Risk Assessment Regulation Of Genetically Modified Organisms

ByFaizanur Rahman

section Section III|73 pages

Environment Impact Assessment Climate Change & Information Management

section Section IV|66 pages

Environment Impact Assessment & Indian Laws & Policies

section Section v|61 pages

Environment Impact Assessment & Sectoral Planning

chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

Environmental Impact Analysis: A Socio-Legal Study of Kol Dam in Himachal Pradesh

ByKailash Thakur, Harish Thakur

chapter Chapter 15|13 pages

Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining in India: A Review of Legal and Institutional Mechanism

ByAijaj Ahmed Raj, Zubair Ahmed