This book contributes to the present state of knowledge, offering the reader broad evidence on how new digital technologies impact financial systems. It focuses on both macro- and micro-perspectives of ICT influence on financial markets.

The book demonstrates how ICT can impact trading systems or information systems, which are crucial for financial systems to work effectively. It also shows how individuals can benefit from the adoption of digital technologies for everyday financial (e.g., banking) systems usage. The book provides empirical evidence of how digital technologies revolutionize the banking sector and stock exchange trading system and explores the associations between technology and various aspects of firms’ functioning. Furthermore, it raises elements of financial inclusion, ICT-based microfinance service and finance-related gender issues.

The principal audience of the book will be scholars and academic professionals from a wide variety of disciplines, particularly in the fields of finance and economics. It will be especially useful for those who are addressing the issues of new technologies and the financial markets, FinTech, financial innovations, stock markets, and the role of technological progress in a broadly defined socio-economic system. It will be a valuable source of knowledge for graduate and postgraduate students in economic and social development, information and technology, worldwide studies, social policy or comparative economics.

chapter 1|23 pages

Internet banking

A new digital divide between the European regions?
ByFernando Lera-Lopez, Rocío Marco, Margarita Billon

chapter 2|22 pages

Different faces of digital financial inclusion across countries

ByOskar Kowalewski, Paweł Pisany

chapter 4|18 pages

Determinants of the sustainability of microfinance institutions

Delineating the role of digitization of micro finance services
ByAmar Nath Das, Arindam Laha

chapter 6|20 pages

Digital financial services, gendered digital divide, and financial inclusion

Evidence from South Asia
ByRashmi Umesh Arora

chapter 8|19 pages

Money market digitization consequences on financial inclusion of businesses at the base of the pyramid in Nigeria

ByOluwafemi Michael Olagunju, Samuel C. Avemaria Utulu