The contributors to this book investigate migration governance in Asia through a multilevel analysis, addressing its local, national and regional dimensions as well as placing it in the wider context of global migration governance.

Core case studies include migration to and within Japan, the migration of Burmese and Tibetan refugees to India, and the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Evaluating the rules, norms and processes put in place by state and non-state actors to cope with international migration, the contributors focus especially on migration flows and the extent to which Asian cases are distinct from those elsewhere. This includes comparative cases from Europe and the United States to provide a comparative context for the analysis of Asia.

A valuable resource for students and scholars of migration studies, especially those with a particular interest in Asia.

part Part I|32 pages

Migration Governance in Historical Perspective

chapter 21|16 pages

Moving towards the North

Internal migration in Modern Japan
ByRosa Caroli

chapter 2|14 pages

The origins of “good governance” in Europe

The case of Serbian refugees in France during World War One
ByStanislav Sretenović

part Part II|126 pages

Migration Governance at Local, National and Regional Levels

chapter 343|26 pages

Issues on refugee acceptance in Japanese society

BySung Wook Hong

chapter 4|20 pages

Poverty of migrants in Japan

ByNaoto Higuchi, Sachi Takaya, Nanako Inaba

chapter 5|17 pages

Nationalism in exile

Burmese and Tibetan refugees in India
ByAnne-Sophie Bentz

chapter 6|28 pages

Do sanctuary cities protect unauthorised immigrants?

Intergovernmental disputes between the Trump administration and sanctuary cities over immigration policies
ByMasaharu Yasuoka

chapter 7|18 pages

Between the hammer of non-interference and the anvil of third-party influence

ASEAN, APT and EAS vis-à-vis the Rohingya migration crisis
ByNoemi Lanna

chapter 8|15 pages

Euro-Mediterranean experiences on management of migration governance

ByGiuseppe Cataldi

part Part III|36 pages

Towards global migration governance

chapter 1609|14 pages

Migration and the nation-state

The contradictions of globalisation
ByKazuhiro Ota

chapter 10|20 pages

Governance related to human migration

ByKazunari Sakai