This book explores the intrinsically multiscale issue of renewable energy transition from a local, national and transnational perspective, and provides insights into current developments in the Upper Rhine Region that can serve as an international model.

Organised around the exploration of stakeholder issues, the volume first describes a framework for public action and modelling and then articulates a triple complementary focus from the viewpoint of law, economics and sociology. This multidisciplinary approach is anchored in the social sciences, but also explores the ways in which technological issues are increasingly debated in the implementation of the ecological transition. With a focus on the Upper Rhine Region of France, Germany and Switzerland, the contributions throughout analyse how concrete regional projects emerge, and whether they are carried out by local authorities, private energy groups, network associations or committed citizens. From this, it appears that real-world energy transition modes can be best understood as permanent transactional processes involving institutional regulations, economic levers and barriers and social interactions.

This book will be of interest to advanced students and scholars focusing on renewable energy transition, stakeholder issues, environment and sustainability studies, as well as those who are interested in the methodological aspects of the social sciences, especially within the fields of sociology, law, economy, geography, political science, urbanism and planning.

part I|65 pages

From conceptual framework to regional prospective modelling

chapter 1|32 pages

Renewable energy transition beyond borders in Europe

From a literature review to a case study in the Upper Rhine Region

chapter 2|31 pages

A regional cross-border approach to the energy transition

Political context and decarbonisation pathways, renewable energy potentials and two energy system models

part II|55 pages

Regulatory frameworks and cross-border cooperation issues

chapter 3|18 pages

Franco-German cross-border cooperation on hydropower implementation

Regulatory issues and future challenges

chapter 4|22 pages

Franco-German partnerships for the production of photovoltaic energy

The difficulties of a cross-border cooperation for renewable energies

part III|45 pages

Economic barriers, opportunities and incentives

part IV|67 pages

Sociological interplays

chapter 8|27 pages

Renewable energies in the Upper Rhine Region from a stakeholder viewpoint

Projects, territorialisation and networks in the making

chapter 9|29 pages

Citizen energy cooperatives in the Upper Rhine Region

Commoning issues in the transition towards a decarbonised and decentralised future

chapter |9 pages