Sounds of the Pandemic offers one of the first critical analyses of the changes in sonic environments, artistic practice, and listening behaviour caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

This multifaceted collection provides a detailed picture of a wide array of phenomena related to sound and music, including soundscapes, music production, music performance, and mediatisation processes in the context of COVID-19. It represents a first step to understanding how the pandemic and its by-products affected sound domains in terms of experiences and practices, representations, collective imaginaries, and socio-political manipulations.

This book is essential reading for students, researchers, and practitioners working in the realms of music production and performance, musicology and ethnomusicology, sound studies, and media and cultural studies.

chapter |11 pages


Understanding a Pandemic through Sound
ByMaurizio Agamennone, Daniele Palma, Giulia Sarno

part I|84 pages


chapter 1|15 pages

Listening to the First Lockdown

The Auditory Experience of Wrocław's Inhabitants 1
ByRobert Losiak, Renata Tańczuk, Sławomir Wieczorek

chapter 2|10 pages

Together in Discipline and Turmoil

Remembering Public Sounds during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
ByDominika Moravčíková

chapter 3|10 pages

Listening to the Hustle and the Hush

Sound, City, and the Pandemic
ByNakshatra Chatterjee, Srijita Biswas

chapter 4|15 pages

Applauses and Banners, Horns and Fireworks

Tracing the Sonic Expression of French Social Movements during Lockdown
ByAlessandro Greppi, Diane Schuh

chapter 5|11 pages

Pandemic Soundscaping

Rediscovering a New Aura in the Mediatised Sonic Reality
ByLudovico Peroni

chapter 6|11 pages

Not People but a Sound

Virtual Audio and the Appropriation of Fandom Practices in Pandemic Football
ByGiulia Sarno

chapter 7|10 pages

A Digital Archive of Participatory Location Rhythm Performances

Listening as a Way of Attending to the Pandemic
ByMarcel Zaes Sagesser

part II|94 pages


chapter 8|11 pages

Huapanguitos pa seguir aguantando en cuarentena

Mexican SonTube Channels as Emergent Digital Spaces of Music and Community during COVID-19
ByDaniel Margolies, J.A. Strub

chapter 9|15 pages

‘Why do they Dance in the Middle of the Pandemic?’

Post-Pandemic Cumbia, Mediated Live Music, and Digital Heritage from Mexico City
ByMichaël Spanu

chapter 10|11 pages

Sardinian Traditional Music during the COVID-19 Pandemic

ByMarco Lutzu, Ignazio Macchiarella

chapter 11|12 pages

Becoming Visible

Proud Roma and Sinti Musicians in Italy during the Pandemic
ByAntonella Dicuonzo

chapter 12|15 pages

Rethinking Intermedia Practices during the Pandemic

Staging and Conception of Alexander Schubert's Virtual Reality Video Game Genesis
ByLuca Befera

chapter 13|13 pages

Musicians in the Brazilian Pandemic

Facing COVID-19 during the Bolsonaro Regime and the Aldir Blanc Emergency Bill
BySuzel Ana Reily, Regina Machado

chapter 14|15 pages

Musical Performance during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Days of Future Passed?
ByAlessandro Bratus, Alessandro Caliandro, Fulvia Caruso, Flavio Antonio Ceravolo, Michela Garda

part III|94 pages


chapter 15|20 pages


Types, Repertoires, Consolatory Function
ByMelanie Wald-Fuhrmann

chapter 16|13 pages

The Pandemic as a Catalyst for Remotivity in Music

ByMark Thorley

chapter 17|11 pages

Music in Lockdown

On Sonic Spaces during the COVID-19 Pandemic, March–June 2020
ByEsteban Buch

chapter 18|12 pages

What a Blackbird Has Told Me

Latent Acoustic Learning in the Times of COVID-19
ByTheodoros Lotis

chapter 19|14 pages

The Sounds and Silence of COVID-19 Quarantine

Media Representation, Debility, and Neoliberal Biopolitics 1
ByJames Deaville

chapter 20|9 pages

Four Sounds against Capitalocene

Lockdown, Music, and the Artist as Producer
ByMakis Solomos

chapter |13 pages


Coping with Crisis through Coronamusic
ByNiels Chr. Hansen