This volume celebrates the work of Hans-Johann Glock, a philosopher renowned for both his exegesis of Wittgenstein and his many contributions to debates in contemporary philosophy. It brings together 16 new essays by up-and-coming and distinguished philosophers engaging with Glock’s work, and it concludes with a "Reflections and Replies" chapter in which Glock responds to his interlocutors.

Glock’s distinctive philosophical voice features a rare combination of a Wittgenstein-inspired approach with a willingness to break away from Wittgenstein to tackle problems in an open-minded way. The broad selection of essays included in this volume reflects Glock’s wide-ranging philosophical interests and demonstrates the potential of applying Wittgensteinian insights to advance current systematic debates in philosophy. The chapters discuss Wittgenstein’s philosophy, metaphilosophy, truth and language, animal minds and agency, and reasons and normativity.

Wittgenstein and Beyond will appeal to scholars and advanced students working on Wittgenstein, metaphilosophy, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language.

part I|68 pages


part II|82 pages

Metaphilosophy, truth, and perception

part III|109 pages

Animal minds

chapter 9|20 pages

Understanding animal minds

Between hermeneutics and hydraulics

chapter 10|18 pages

Intelligence and reasons in animals

chapter 12|18 pages

Plants, wants, and agents

chapter 14|18 pages

Two notions of creativity

part IV|32 pages

Normativity and reasons

part V|27 pages

Reflections and replies

chapter 17|25 pages

Reflections and replies